Thai Me Up

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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I've only been there 3 times or so- and I have ordered the Pad Thai every time. But it is delicious. Some of the best I've ever had. The Thai iced tea here is very good too (not too sweet). Very good. Highly recommended.

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Very nice sized portions for the money. I like the Basil Leaves with Tofu the best - a great, filling, simple dish with a kick. The service is usually very fast, too - the food comes out remarkably fast.

Once - and only once - they had soy milk which they would substitute for regular in the Thai iced tea (although you can always get it without milk). They told me the owner drinks the soy milk, which is why they happened to have it but don't usually serve it. Maybe if people keep asking they'll start stocking the soy milk consistently.

The staff have always been accommodating for me (I usually ask for little or no bell peppers in my basil tofu), but a friend told me once she asked to be sure that there was no fish sauce in a dish and was told they didn't have time to go through that right then and asked her to leave!

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