Tram's Kitchen

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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I've only been here once- on the recommendation of my friend. It looks a little shady from the outside, but the food is great. I didn't really know what to order, so I had my friend order for me (she goes there regularly and knows what's good). I don't remember exactly what the dish was called- but it was noodles with shredded tofu and coconut milk. It was very good. We also ordered spring rolls (she ordered me 2, and that was almost too much. they are big) and they were delicious.

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I love both the Lemongrass Tofu - crunchy on the outside, smooth and soft on the inside - and the vegetarian Pho soup.

According to a Vietnamese reviewer in the Trib, Tram's has the most authentic Pho in town.

The prices are also very good here - $5 for the Lemongrass Tofu, $7 for a big pot of the Pho soup.

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