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Tucson, Arizona


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I understand the complaint about the only vegan sandwich on the menu (a plain hummus sandwich), and I have discovered a way to get something with more flavor. Now I order the Ollie's Original, and substitute hummus for the feta. That makes it a hummus, olive paste, cucumber, tomato, red onion, and vinaigrette sandwich. I find it quite delicious, especially when paired with gazpacho during the summer!

However, when ordering, make sure you say SUBSTITUTE hummus for feta so you don't get charged extra. When I tried to order "no feta, add hummus" they wanted to charge me extra.

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i've only visited it once since i've become a vegetarian so take my review with a grain of salt.

i found the number of vegetarian selections to be a bit limited. i've always liked their sandwiches and soups and they only had two sandwiches which were veggie. in all fairness, i really didn't look at the salad choices. i got a soup and sandwich combo and the sandwich was large, tasty and quite filling. the tomato soup tangy and delicious.

Warning - as per the previous review - their bread has a very hard crust and takes a bit away from the enjoyment of the sandwich (unless of course, you love hard, crusty breads) and you might want to request your sandwich on a softer bread.

it's a nice lunch stop.

i would rate it excellent, but because of veggie selection, i'm taking away a star.

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The only vegan sandwich is Annie's Addiction, which is a hummus sandwich. I don't much care for the bread it's served on -- the crust is kind of hard on the old teeth. You can probably substitute a softer bread if you want, and they list all bread ingredients so you can tell which is vegan.

The hummus sandwich is good and everything, but I can't really remember the last time I thought to myself, "Wow, I'd really love a hummus sandwich right about now." Even if I was in Eastside when I got hungry, I think I'd rather drive across town to a restaurant with more vegan options. It's a fine place, but there are better vegan eats elsewhere. Maybe ovo-lacto vegetarians would appreciate it more, and I'm glad that they do at least take vegan customers into consideration.

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Their web site lists all baking ingredients (breads). The breads are baked fresh daily (check their menu to see which breads are baked on which days). They also have daily soups and a few items on their menu that vegans can eat without making any changes (Annie's Addiction is awesome), and quite a few things for vegetarians.

I'm not sure if the desserts are vegan, but I doubt it. Most seem to include cream/frosting of some type (and I would think they'd make a big deal about it being dairy/egg free if it were).

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