Pizza Oasis

Portland, Oregon


I was so! excited to go and get pizza with vegan cheese. Then the nice chick working told me it had casein in it. I was so! disappointed. I'm not trying to bash those who do choose to eat casein, it's just that I would have liked to know the cheese DOES include casein before I was all the way down there.

rating star

My friend brought me here when I first moved to the city and I am addicted to the vegan pizza by the slice. The crust is amazing, and they use excellent soy cheese. I always pick three ingredients and it's only $3.50. The one time I thought I wanted two slices I couldn't finish it all, a slice can be a meal. If you like garlic get the roasted garlic as a topping option, they are not skimpy and put whole cloves, roasted perfectly so the garlic is sweet.

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