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I don't know what I'd do sometimes without my TJ's. Sooo many amazing veggie options, quick meal ideas, nice selection of deli items, assortment of frozen entries, faux meats, etc. When we had a frost and eggplant was nowhere to be found, TJ's still carried their frozen breaded eggplant cutlets to save my dinner. (Whew!) Their frozen chile rellano is really delicious and surprisingly rates well in WW points. I do warn those watching their weight to avoid the hummus wrap though. It is laden with fat & carbs unfortunately. I love buying my cheese from TJ's too as they make a concerted effort to identify when rennet is animal, microbial, or vegetable. VERY friendly staff. Small store but it keeps the prices down. (Don't shop on a Saturday! Yikes!) Bring your own bags to enter their weekly drawing. Anyone can find something fabulous at TJ's.

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