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I love Real Food Daily. The food is the next best in Los Angeles after Madeleine Bistro. And since I can only afford to eat at Madeleine Bistro once or twice a year, I go to Real Food Daily more often. Both the West Hollywood and Santa Monica locations consistently serve great food, and our waiters have been helpful and friendly.

The restaurant has great weekly and salad specials. From the regular menu, the nachos (get them with seitan and jalapeno "cheese") are stupendous. I love to get their salads (so far I've enjoyed both the house salad and the farm chop) with the caesar dressing, which I can't get enough of. The house (tahini) dressing and the peanut sauce are also quite good. I love the El Bandito Rojo, which I get topped with the jalapeno "cheese." Also good are the mashed potatoes and gravy and the chai soy latte.

The desserts vary a bit more in quality, some (the chocolate hazelnut cake and the chocolate espresso truffle) are excellent, while others (the cupcake and the brownies with ice cream) are okay but not as great.

The great thing about RFD is that the menu is huge and everything is vegan. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I go there. It's thrilling to be asked "Would you like that with rice milk or soy milk?" when I order a chai. There are many menu items I haven't tried yet and I look forward to sampling them.

If I could change one thing about RFD it would be the prices. They are sadly typical of Los Angeles -- it is not uncommon to pay $14 or $15 for an entree. On the upside, at least you are getting a full meal when you plop down that kind of cash, which is not the case everywhere in this town (Madeleine Bistro, I'm looking at you). Still, RFD is one of the places that makes me glad to be in LA, and I recommend it highly.

As of October 2014, the menu has been revised and is now even better. Some of my favorites are the Mediterranean Bowl, the Lasagna, the Kung Pao, and the Burrito Bowl with the optional Taco Mix added. All absolutely delicious.

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Dined at this location twice. The food lived up to the hype. Worth raving about is the Sea Cake appetizer. It's a litte croquette from heaven...butternut squash, yam and sea vegetables, pesto with sweet chili aioli.

The atmosphere was a bit of a let down. The tables were too close together so you may as well just introduce yourself to the people next to you and eat together b/c you're going to hear everything each other is saying anyway. From the minute you walk in the door and literally bump into the hostess stand, the layout is arranged too tightly.

That said, the food is extraordinary and the menu choices excellent.

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The food is fair but what is terrible is the owner and management, which makes the food taste bitter in my opinion. I'm a vegan for many reasons, one of which is the ethical treatment of animals. I think the same service should be made for humans, especially the ones who are working hard for you. Shame on you Real Food Daily. If you are looking for a good macrobiotic restaurant try Seed in Venice, or Inaka on La Brea, or any of the M Cafe locations.

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I honestly say that eating at Real Food was a life changing experience! I was taken to this restaurant by my lovely vegan friend, and I left not only amazed at how delicious vegan food could be and completely STUFFED.

The waiter was very friendly and helpful in advising this non vegan about menu choices. More importantly the food was filling- my friend and I shared one dish (tacos), and an appetizer (kappa maki with brown rice) and we were STUFFED! The food was also extremely tasty, the complete opposite of what i expected vegan food to taste like. All in all, Real Foods made my first vegan experience amazing, and will not be my last encounter with vegan food.

Bring your non vegan friends to this restaurant- they may jsut decide to convert :)

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the food here was really good. i had a caesar salad wrap and it was delicious! my boyfriend had a burger with mashed potatoes. everything was really tasty and it was a cute atmosphere.

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Really like their food here! It's all vegan! I LOVE the "tv dinner." It's meat loaf, mashed potatoes and gravy! It's so good! I don't like the desserts as much because they are a tad dry for my preference. And the works burger has a little too much on it. my liking. The tastes get all blended together. It's still not bad though. But everything else is really delicious! I really love the ceasur salad too!

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Real Foods Daily makes completely vegan food with no added sugar and "little or no fat." Conveniently located a short walk from Santa Monica Pier, Real Foods Daily seemed to attract a mix of tourists and locals. The seating area is limited, so I would recommend getting there early.

The food itself is quite good. I was very impressed with the sesame noodle appetizer (cold soba noodles with vegetables and peanut sauce). The seasonal entree, an African stew served over couscous with corn croquettes, was a perfect blend of spices and savory vegetables. The Salisbury seitan was sort of run-of-the-mill seitan with gravy and mashed potatoes, but the Cesar salad that came with it was a delicious find.

One caveat: because Real Foods Daily does not add any sugar to the food that is served, the desserts are not very sweet.

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I've only been to this location of the two. We were allowed to bring our own alcohol for a birthday celebration and they gave us a good table. The atmosphere wasn't too noisy despite the small rooms.

The hummus and pita plate is excellent. I also tried my friend's portabello mushroom sandwich/burger and that was good, too. I only tried one dessert, a mint chocolate brownie, and it was a little dry but okay. The birthday boy had a chocolate pudding/mousse pie that he enjoyed very much.

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I wouldn't describe the food as gourmet, but it's definitely delicious--one of the best restaurants I've been to in a while. My friends and I shared the vegan nachos and the walnut pate as appetizers and both were great.

Of the entrees, I've had the tempeh reuben (good), Club sandwich (great), and vegan burger with the works (outstanding). I generally don't order burgers in restaurants because they can be so plain, but this was the most flavorful burger I've had in quite some time. The avocado is definitely a great touch.

The sandwiches come with either a side salad (the Caeser comes with capers and is really good), or potato salad, which is rich and tasty but is drowning in Veganaise.

I haven't had any desserts here, but I've heard that despite fantastic descriptions, the taste is mediocre.

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I've tried to like this place, especially after all the raves from friends..but I've went here 3 times and each time get more disappointed. The staff is friendly but the food is a little overpriced for what you are getting. I did enjoy the lentil walnut pate, which is saying a lot since I normally hate walnuts but that was about it. I took 2 newly converted vegans with me and they disliked it even more than me...

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RFD Santa Monica has the best Vegan sandwich available bar none - The Club with Avocado. The bread is perfectly toasted, the seitan and Bacon are some of the best ingredients ever. Just look at that picture!

I can't say enough how great Real Food Daily is! This is the ultimate restaurant for vegetarians of all kind. The food is wonderful, they have a big menu to choose from, cozy atmosphere and this location is in walking distance to the ocean. Try the Salisbury seitan! It's wonderful!

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