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Update (March, 2016): Bravo no longer serves food. Bummer!

I've enjoyed most of the dishes I've had at Bravo. They might be a little less impressive than similar plates at Evergreen (15 minutes away in MPLS), but they are also half the price ($5.50 - $6.50!). That, the quick and friendly service, the healthy balance of veggies to proteins, and the option of brown rice earns Bravo 5 stars in my book.

I enjoy eating in right on Grand Ave, but the experience could be drastically improved if they would just use actual silverware rather than plastic forks...

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This is a great restaurant with a good assortment of Vegetarian and Vegan Foods. The staff was very friendly and the great food was very reasonable in terms of price. Please check it out.

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Probably the best value for a vegan meal in the Twin Cites! I almost always get the fried tofu with Szechuan sauce (not on the menu, but they will happily make it). They have generous portions for $5.50. Brown rice is 50 cents extra. Their vegetable dumplings are also very good, and an order gives you a large quantity. The vegan bubble teas are excellent - the only quirk is they run out fairly often. Decor is not very fancy, and as others have said, and seating is limited. It's always nice to support a small, local business that promotes vegetarianism!

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I really love this little restaurant. The staff is so friendly, its a relaxing place to eat and of course the food is all vegetarian. There are also vegan options on the menu and its labeled so you dont have to ask about everything. I try to go there as often as I am in town.

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Updated 5/12/10--Please note, their fish is no longer vegan. :( The new stuff they were sent contains egg white powder and whey protein. They may be trying to get the vegan kind back, but I think it depends on what they get shipped... They have notes up, but just to warn you in case you call your order in (like I did).

Updated 4/6/10--I go to Bravo about once a week. It is right up the street from my work and one of the only vegan options within walking distance. The employees are so friendly, always chatting with me, and remember my "usual" order. They treat me very well there and are very attentive as well. I usually get the mock fish with mushrooms. I don't know what real fish tastes like, but the mock fish has a great texture. It's not weird like some mock meats are. The mock beef is great as well. The only downside about Bravo is that it is very small. If you are going out with one person, it'd be great, but I wouldn't recommend trying to go there with a group. They also have outdoor seating when it's warm though. :)

Previous review--I finally checked this place out and ordered the sweet and sour "chicken." It was pretty good, but I think there was a bit too much sauce on it. My friends liked what they got too. (I think one had mock fish something or another, and the other tried the orange "chicken.") This place is pretty cheap, and the service is good. There is a big board with all the items, and those that aren't vegan are marked. It makes it very easy to know what you can and can't have.

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i really love this place. i have been there multiple times and their kung pao is one of the best dishes. i've also had their sweet and sour "chicken" and it was good (a little syrupy for my liking). i have also had the baked tofu in sauce and the dumplings. very good! i really enjoy going here because it's so affordable and is a small business and i'm all for small businesses!

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Bravo is a cute little bakery/cafe with an assortment of vegan and vegetarian Chinese dishes and baked products (none of which are vegan anymore, but there are some egg-free options). It's a shame, because their vegan spongecake was super-moist and subtly sweet and one of the best I've had (however, they recently stopped offering it).

The food here is super simple and consists primarily of mockmeat Chinese stir-frys. They offer brown rice (topped with sesame seeds) as an option, which is awesome. Each dish costs only $6.44 with tax, and you get a good, solid meal for that price. The food quality isn't the highest---I think the sauces tend to be way too gooey, sticky and sweet, and I'm bothered by having to use plastic utensils and styrofoam cups, but every town needs a vegetarian Chinese restaurant, and I'm glad Bravo is around to fill that niche.

This cafe only holds about a dozen people, so space might be an issue for larger parties. The service is always friendly. This is a good place to get a quick, cheap meal, or to get a cup of tea (they also have bubble teas) and read the newspaper.

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This is my families 1st choice when we eat out. It is a great value, they have brown rice, and the kids especially love the sesame chicken. My husband and I are mostly vegan-just eat egg occasionally, our household is vegan, but we let the teenagers decide what they want to eat outside the house. They all like to eat here. I like the fish and the chicken, but love the spareribs best(which uses egg-drat). I agree that items are a bit over-sauced, but I request light sauce and it is a-okay.

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*edit/update* They now offer brown rice for something like .50 or 1.50 extra on any entree. They also now offer potstickers which are pretty good. You get 20 potstickers for $6.95, way better than any other restaurant. I love the filling, but sometimes they are a bit too greasy. The entrees are now clearly labeled vegan and non-vegan and everything is still vegetarian. I've tried all the vegan entrees and I still like the mock fish & broccoli or fried tofu with brown sauce the best.**

I *finally* tried this place out. I love it! So very cute inside, and the (I presume) owner was soooo nice to us. We asked about vegan items, she gladly told us about which items were not vegan (namely the mock beef). I had the mock fish with broccoli. I thought it was super tasty and the texture was awesome. The broccoli was probably the most fresh and tasty I've ever had in any Asian dish from any restaurant. My fiance had the pepper steak dish, which included tomato and green peppers -- also very fresh and tasty.

Overall, my experience was wonderful. They even had some vegan cakes there, and can make whole vegan cakes upon request. The service was awesome, the woman (I assume the owner) was so very helpful and cheerful and nice to us.

It is a very small space, so be aware if you have a large group, the entire place could fit maybe 12 people comfortably (even though the Fire Dept. says 30). I completely intend to go back and try out all their dishes. I really want to support any completely vegetarian resturant and encourage others to do the same.

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I love this place! I could see how maybe some people would be turned off by it, but my dining experience has always been good there. They have lots of different entrees available that are vegetarian and I believe some are vegan as well. They also have tea drinks and vegan/vegetarian desserts.

If you go there for your first time, I recommend trying the orange mock-chicken. Good stuff.

Pros: Good food, reasonable prices (you can get full for under $10 no problem), and friendly atmosphere

Cons: It seems like nobody who works there can speak English very well, which can be frustrating when asking for specifics in food ingredients and drink orders.

It's a pretty small price to pay for some good cheap Asian cuisine.

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Nice idea; not sold on the place, however.

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I appreciate that all of the food is vegetarian, but I didn't enjoy either my husband's or my food.

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I ate here last night with my wife, and we tried three different entrees, all of which were quite good. We had the mock fish w/ broccoli, szechuan tofu (aka ma po tofu), and the tofu with brown sauce.

All three were very tasty, and we were really impressed with the mock fish, which is hand-made by the chef. I don't usually like most mock meats, but this one was very good.

The food is ridiculously cheap, at $4.75 for a plate with a big scoop of rice and an entree. The owners are also really nice, and helpful in figuring out what was vegan, as the mock beef has egg whites.

There are two things that would make this a more attractive place to eat. One would be a larger selection of entrees. Right now they just have ten different things to choose from. Second, they didn't have any vegan baked goods. The owner told us that they occasionally do, but it's not a regular thing.

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I got breakfast here during my last trip to Mpls. I had the mock chicken, which was pretty good. They also have unique green tea, which the owner says she has to have her family send to her because she can't find it here. Overall the food was good - I do wish they did carry vegan sweets in the bakery.

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I just ate here today for lunch. I had the mock fish with mushrooms. It comes heaping on a plate with white rice - all for just $4.75! My girlfriend got the mock chicken with broccoli. The mock fish was 1000x better than the mock chicken. The mock fish is soooooooo good.
The owner doesn't speak English well, but she did tell us that some of the dishes have egg whites in them. Be sure to ask before ordering.
I'm not entirely sure, but I think they make their own mock meats from scratch.

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