Epic Cafe

Tucson, Arizona


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A good amount of vegan baked goods including scones, brownies, COBBLER, (pesto!) pasta salads, sandwiches, and usually soups. Oh! plus the blueberry almond bars are great. You should probably ask which things are vegan though, because most/many of them are not marked.

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They have a great selection of vegan desserts here. I tried the chocolate brownie and it was great. The scones looked good too, and they're huge.

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I had the most amazing (vegan) scone here! Chocolate chocolate chip and my friend had strawberry chocolate chip and we shared. Both were awesome, and cheap too! The vegan snickerdoodle was yummy but the chocolate chip oat cookie was a bit too crunchy for my taste. As far as atmosphere goes, it's pretty friendly and fun. I'd like to try lunch sometime soon as well.

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I haven't had any meals here, only desserts. I've had the blueberry walnut bar, the strawberry pecan bar, and the vegan brownies (both with and without nuts). They are VERY good, and although I don't think they're baked fresh daily, I've always gotten lucky with a fresh batch. They've also got vegan pies listed on the side of their cooler case. Last time I was there they had a vegan pumpkin pie that looked a lot better than the dried-up tiny version sold at Wild Oats. That said, I didn't buy a slice--the strawberry pecan bar is just too good to pass up.

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I used to go here quite often before I gave up caffeine. They had a peanut-butter "blended" ice drink that I quite enjoyed.

They have plenty of vegan baked goods, which change on a daily basis. The scones were often very good. I remember an orange/cranberry/chocolate scone with some fondness; unfortunately they only offered it one time that I was there.

They have several vegetarian sandwiches, but unfortunately the only vegan option is a hummus sandwich served on a hard baguette. It's kind of a bummer -- the only vegan sandwich at Beyond Bread is also a hummus sandwich. I've found at a lot of sandwich places, a hummus sandwich is often the token vegan item. I also wish they had softer vegan bread. But on the other hand, at least they're conscious of their vegan customers.

They have other vegetarian and vegan items as well, all of which are clearly marked.

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