Smart Alec's

East Bay, California


rating star

This was my favorite place to go for lunch when I went to school in Berkeley. A short jaunt away from campus, it was affordable and vegan-friendly.

I loved the tofu sandwich, but the veggie burger was also good. I found that it tasted a lot better when I brought it home and added some grated vegan cheese, however. I wish they had had vegan cheese available so I could have eaten it inside the restaurant.

Their fries are probably my favorite in the world. People's opinions of the fries seem to be divided. Those who don't care for them characterize them as "soggy," while those who like them say they're "moist." They are not crispy, so if you love crispy fries they may not be your cup of tea, but I sorely miss them now that I no longer live in the area.

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