India Oven

Tucson, Arizona


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Original review, Oct 21 08: I'm not an Indian-food connoisseur, but having said that, this is my favorite Indian restaurant that I've been to. I've heard others complain of rude service, but I've always enjoyed my interactions with the staff.

The Bombay Aloo is wonderful, the potatoes seasoned to perfection, and the black-lentil dish is incredible (specify dairy-free), but my favorite is the chana masala. The channa aloo is equally good if you're in the mood for potatoes as well. Speaking of potatoes, the potato chat (salad) is an outstanding (though VERY hot) appetizer that can be shared by at least two people, easily more.

Unfortunately, the naan is not vegan, but the roti makes a good substitute (specify that you want the roti served with oil -- or nothing -- and not butter). Chana masala wrapped in torn-off pieces of roti has become one of my favorite meals in Tucson.

The veggie samosas are divine (especially with the tamarind chutney!), and the ingredients are vegan, but unfortunately they are fried in the same oil as meat items. So it depends where you draw the line between vegetarianism and meat-eating.

Updated review: Food is still great, but the more vegan-friendly servers don't seem to work there anymore. Last time I went there, the server didn't seem to care/understand that I ordered my dish without dairy. She didn't write it down, didn't tell the cook when she shouted my order into the kitchen, and ... I'm pretty sure I ate dairy for the first time in a million years. If I go back I'll have to order something like the channa masala, which is non-dairy by default.

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I don't know why, but I lived in Tucson for several years before I tried this restaurant. And I love Indian Food! Perhaps it was the uninviting name that put me off. Anyway, I've eaten here twice now, and both times the food has been really good. Superb aloo gobi! And the people are really friendly.

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