Stephanie's Bakery

San Diego County, California


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Updated Review: When I visited in May of 2010, there seemed to be new owners. In any case, the wonderful strudel of yore is no more. Instead they had flat pieces of "strudel" that consisted of filo dough folded over meager fillings. It was absolutely pathetic, both in appearance and in taste. (In fact, my black-forest strudel tasted as if it had been contaminated with fillings from one of the savory strudels.) You'll hear people raving about the strudel here, but unless they go back to the truly special strudels they used to make, no longer will Stephanie's be sung the praises they used to so dearly deserve.

Previous Review (Jan 2 08): I am addicted to the black-forest strudel. I've been impressed by the other strudels as well, but as a chocoholic I always come back to the black-forest.

The sandwiches are OK if you're on the go -- I've had the veggie and lunchmeat (probably Tofurky) sandwiches, and they were good but a little too oily for my tastes.

Service is very friendly.

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This is a cute little place within walking distance of the beach. Extremely friendly service with a wide array of items, including multiple delicious fruit pastries, muffins and drinks (from coffee to Mexican hot chocolate to chai latte). I wasn't completely impressed with the chai I got, but the baked goods were great. The prices are reasonable and the location is great. Only wish they had some outdoor seating!

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