Spyhouse Coffee Bar & Gallery

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Spyhouse has vegan options, but not much food. I've heard they have vegan cookies but I've been there a few times since going vegan (used to go there several times a week) and was told they don't. The sandwiches are pre-made and none are vegan. The vegetarian sandwich is delicious. Drinks can be made vegan with soy milk, but they charge almost $5 for an iced chai that has way too much ice in it. If all else fails, they have Naked juice.

There's one guy there who is always very rude. I ordered an iced chai and he misheard me and made a hot one. As he started heating up water, I respectfully said, "excuse me, I just wanted to make sure you got that as an iced chai." He argued with me over whether I said iced or hot, and suggested that "next time I speak up more." Whoa, no damage done... chill!

When I've gotten cheap tea that comes to $2.75 or so, they hit me with the minimum card amount of $3 crap. Come on, it's 2009. It's against the terms of those cards to impose minimums, it's inconvenient and it's the cost of doing business. When I sit there for five hours and buy multiple drinks, I'm giving you more income anyway.

Recommendations for improvement: mark items that are vegan or could be made vegan, lower prices on certain items, ditch the credit card minimums and treat customers with respect.

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Spyhouse is in a nice location and has good atmosphere with plenty of space to study or read or check out local artwork. I like that they have some pre-packaged vegan cookies, but their drinks are mediocre and the same as any other place---just the same old liquid Oregon chai mix added to some soy milk. Every cafe in Minneapolis does that. If you want fresh, home-made chai brews, go to Namaste Cafe, Common Roots or Butter Bakery. If you're just looking for a place to hang out and drink a cup of coffee or tea, Spyhouse serves the purpose.

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I really like the atmosphere, but they could stand to have some more vegan options. The hummus and pita was good, but I would have loved to have had a vegan sandwich option, or maybe a baked item besides the blasted French Meadow Raspberry chocolate bars that every coffee shop and it's brother carries as the token vegan item in their case.

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Spy house has been my favourite coffee shop for a while now. The drinks, atmosphere, collected furnitures, lighting fixtures, music, and the crowd (all ages, races, sexual orientation, and all types of interesting people) all make this a very cozy place to be with friends, read a book, do schoolwork, or just surf the net (wireless internet provided by the Spyhouse of course). Ah, I almost forgot to mention that I love the fact that Spyhouse recently co-sponsored the screening of the movie "A Home at The End of The World" which I enjoyed very much. Thank you.

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Spyhouse makes great coffee drinks, the tea choices are wonderful. A great place to spend the afternoon being social with friends or solitary with a book.

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two dollars for nehi soda! i used to buy them for a quarter! this is still the only place i know of to buy them outside of the south. use peach flavor for blessing boats.

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