Salsa Mexican Food

San Diego County, California

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Suburban strip-mall hole-in-the wall with a few surprises

This is a hole-in-the-wall in the depths of suburbia, which caters mostly to local families, most of whom don't have any kind of vegetarian consciousness. However, they use oil, not lard, in their beans and tortillas. The tortillas are made in-house and are very good. Vegans can enjoy the veggie fajitas -- which are HUGE and can be split between two people. Be sure to specify no cheese. The apple burrito can be enjoyed for dessert -- it is vegan except the sugar is refined, and I don't know if they fry it in the same oil as the meat (vegans specify no ice cream or whipped cream).

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Even though vegan possibilities are incredibly limited, I still have to give this a high rating because the veggie fajitas are so good. There's always enough for me to take home leftovers and enjoy them the next day -- even if I split the fajitas with someone else!

The tortillas are vegan -- though once I remember asking the proprietor about the ingredients, and he said there was "bacon powder" in them. It turns out that, through his accent, I actually misunderstood the phrase "baking powder." I always felt guilty for the way I reacted when I thought he said "bacon powder."

For dessert there is an apple burrito; vegans will have to specify no ice cream and no whipped cream (or on the side if a companion wants to eat it). I admit, though, that I never had the guts to ask if the apple burrito was fried in the same oil as items containing meat.

This was a great nearby place to visit when I lived in the suburban nightmare that was El Cajon.

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On August 5, 2006, my in-laws came into town for the weekend. We were excited to take them to the Mexican restaurant we discovered in our new neighborhood called Salsa Restaurant. We have three little ones ages 2 1/2, 1 1/2, and 4 months, so - need I say it? - we often get take-out, additionally my husband has held several business lunches there. But on Saturday, we dined in. My mother-in-law and I each ordered a sangria, and the men ordered beers.

When the drinks arrived, the waitress began lifting drinks off her tray in such a way that the tray became unbalanced and fell, causing the contents to topple all down my side. My shirt and shorts were a purple, sticky mess. These things happen and we were polite and smiled and sopped up the mess with several towels they brought out; we even assisted in fishing out the ice cubes from under the table.

The bill arrived and we were completely shocked. As I sat there stained from head to knee (My undergarments even got purple-ized.), I looked in disbelief at the two sangrias on our bill. (As my husband snidely commented, at least they didn't charge us for the drink I wore.) My mother-in-law spoke with the manager, who was completely rude and brushed her off. "It was an accident," he said, and insisted that there would be no discount. The children were restless and we needed to be on our way, so arguing over a $55 bill was not a priority. They gave me a bar towel to sit on to protect the car seat from my wet and purple behind, and then we drove back home so I could run in, quickly shower, and get some non-Sangria-drenched attire on before we went on our way.

I urge everyone to consider how this business treats its clientele, and I hope you won't support an establishment that doesn't value its customers. They have certainly lost a whole lot more than $55 from this family's future business, that's for sure.

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El Cajon


South-east corner of Avocado and Chase


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