Dharma Kitchen

Vancouver, British Columbia


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The food here is amazing... I totally disagree that it's broccoli with cheap dressing. They have a wide variety and everything is flavorful. You feel satisfied and healthy after your meal. The atmosphere is really quiet and peaceful.

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This place reminded me of Fresh, located in Toronto.

We ordered a brown rice bowl and salad. Both were extremely delicious! The owner was very nice and they've been open just over 2 years. Nice decor and wonderful food! 10/10

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UFO buddhas hyped up on Pacific Cliches! If you thought Disney's "Mulan" was a good movie about classical China, then you will LOVE Dharma and Greg Kitchen. If however, you are fed up with a bowl of broccoli with some Kraft dressing on it costing $10, then you should avoid this place. Yech, so pompous, I gave it a good try but darnit you'd be better off saving your money and time on a worthwhile project.

Dharma and Greg Kitchen, whoopie cushions and plastic buddhas.

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