The Green Temple, A Veggie Place

Los Angeles, California


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This beautiful, eclectic, and peaceful place is enchanting. Although it was a little hard to find even with google maps and then two different smart phones using their navigation. I recommend sitting next to the fountain as we did. It was one of those dining experiences that makes you feel centered after visiting. Along with the relaxing fountain with live gold fish, there is assorted meditating Budhas, South Asian style embroidered pillows, burnt orange sponge painted walls, mosaic tile bistro tables, wooden peacocks three dimensionally carved partition screens, and Sedona mixed chairs and benches.

We order the Veggie Quesodilla as an appetizer. At first we missed the cheese, but then enjoyed the balanced flavors of stewed vegetables in a grilled hearty tortilla. I had mentioned to them that it was a little more accurately a grilled veggie wrap. After which I ordered the White Lasagna and my fried got the Babamut. At first, was disappointed that there was no pasta in the lasagna, but I quickly began to appreciate that the lasagna was more like a souffle or quiche covered with an Alfredo sauce. Unfortunately, unlike other dishes on the menu, this selection is not available in a "junior size" as the Babamut is. A little under seasoned, The Babamut's redeeming quality is its sweet corn.

If you're in the Redondo Beach area, this is definitely worth visiting.

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Veggie Army

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Fantastic restaurant serving simple & basic foods, as well as innovative & creative dishes. You can never go wrong ordering any of their steamers with tofu sauce, and their specials are indeed special! Very relaxing ambiance and always feels like home.

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An excellent little place. Be sure to ask, or read the menu descriptions carefully. The atmosphere is mesmerizing to the senses. Undergoing a lot of improvements, staff very busy and both friendly and serious. Interesting, and worth trying and getting into.

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