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We recently ordered takeout from Camdi and I was really excited about vegan cream cheese wontons... until we bit into them and realized there was no vegan cream cheese in them at all.

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We ordered vegan style food from lunch specials menu rather than ordering from the separate vegan menu. The "Special Vietnamese Curry" with tofu that I ordered had only a tiny hint of spice and a tiny hint of coconut, although what I would expect from the menu's description would be a spicy, rich coconut curry sauce. I will give this place another chance. I want to return for dinner soon and try some items from the vegan menu, especially the vegan cream cheese wontons!

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Food is great. However inconsistent. The Vegan Spring Rolls are excellant. DON"T ASK TO USE THE BATHROOM! You have to walk throught the kitchen and into the basement.

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I've had mixed results with this place. The food is cheap, tasty, fast, and caters to vegans. However, it is very inconsistent, and they have, on at least a few occasions, made some big mistakes like serving food that was cold in the middle. I am not a picky eater, but I've seen enough mistakes that I avoid coming here.

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Visited Camdi for the first time this week. I loved it for all the same reasons listed on other reviews. I really loved the hot and sour soup! I had never had this anywhere before and loved the combination of flavors.

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The dish that has yam chunks in sesame sauce is out of this world!!! It sounded like such a weird dish that I had to order it and now I crave it all the time. My husband loved the cream cheese wontons and the other stuff he ordered. My non-veggie brother-in-law also likes the food at this restaurant and he's usually a very good judge of Asian restaurants.

I totally love this place and will definitely go back. The owner was quite knowledgeable about both vegan and gluten-free and was happy to adapt dishes as appropriate.

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I <3 Camdi! We eat there often, since my partner works at the UMN. It's a great place to eat, the owner is extremely friendly, and they automatically give you the veggie menu. I love that.

Of course, I'm not sure if I've ever had *bad* potatoes and onions, but they are definitely the best at Camdi!

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I really wish I enjoyed eating at Camdi. The owner is extremely friendly and tries very hard to cater to vegans. He has a separate 100% vegan menu (you don't even have to ask for it) and uses separate woks when cooking vegan food. Also, this is the only place I know of where you can get mock cream cheese wontons.

Sadly, I have eaten here a few times and have not been impressed with the food itself. This most recent time, I was unable to finish my kung pao mock pork because the texture was so revolting. I felt like I was eating huge chunks of fat. The wontons were okay, but actually tasted more like cheese curds to me.

I want to support Camdi, so I will probably visit again and order a dish with tofu or mock duck. I get excited when restaurants offer something fun like mock pork or chicken, so ordering tofu when there are other options is disappointing. If you are looking for creative mock meats, I suggest visiting Evergreen Chinese on Nicollet.

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I LOVED the cream cheese wontons and the fact that there was a separate menu for vegan food, which made ordering very easy. I had the fresh tofu with vegetables and black mushrooms, which was tasty. Also, vegan food is cooked in a separate wok, which I appreciate. Decent prices, the waiter could have been more attentive as far as refilling beverages, but it was also a Gophers game day, and the restaurant was pretty busy. I'd definitely go back!

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I'm giving Camdi an "excellent" rating for two reasons: Vegan cream cheese wontons and the man I presume to be the owner since he's the only waiter I ever encounter.

The cream cheese wontons aren't spectacular, but they are tasty and the novelty of being able to order them more than makes up for the fact that I could probably make them better at home. They have a seperate Vegan menu which makes ordering SUPER easy. The Vegan egg rolls are delicious and the "waitstaff" is so friendly.

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i have been here only once. i expected a larger vegan menu and did not quite understand the restaurant owner when explaining the menu. i was a little confused but ordered the kung pao as it is generally a safe dish to order. it was ok. i've had better elsehwere (bravo, evergreen), but maybe i need to give it a second try.

went there last night with some friends. i really enjoyed the food and the vegan cream cheese wontons! so good. the kung pao was significantly better this time around and though a bit pricey, i really enjoyed it!

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I've been to this place three times now. It's WONDERFUL! The creamcheese wontons are awesome, and my favorite dish is the stuffed beancurd. The food is averaged priced, leaning towards the cheaper side.

The shop is super cute, having different paintings every time I go in. The waitstaff is very nice and friendly! They have a complete 2 sided separate menu just for vegans (so much to choose from!). Afterwards we always walk around the neighborhood-there are a bunch of cute stores.

This place is definitely recommended!!

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I really like that Camdi has an all-vegan menu with numerous (and unusual) soups, appetizers and pan-Asian entrees. They also cook all the vegan dishes in separate woks and fryers, which is much appreciated. The service was friendly and prompt. That said, I wasn't amazed by the food. It's much better than your average strip-mall Chinese joint, but not as light, fresh or tasty as Evergreen on Nicollet or Jasmine Deli, also on Nicollet (two of the best Asian restaurants in the Twin Cities). Their tofu vegetable curry was solid, but nothing special and reminded me heavily of Lotus To-Go restaurants and also E Noodle Cafe in Roseville. Their mushroom stir-fry with mock pork was a bit too salty, oily and sticky for my likes; the mock pork, too, had a horrible texture, like fried tofu that has gone soggy and chewy after soaking in water. The vegan cream cheese wontons were definitely good, though, with just the right balance of savory flavor and crispiness. If the quality of the food here improves, I would definitely give it another star. At present, it's a distant third when it comes to Asian food in the Twin Cities.

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The only reason Camdi gets a 2 is for offering brown rice and our waitress was decent.

The vegan "cream cheese" wontons were not bad, but not the amazing bundles of crispy goodness that I have heard others raving about. It was closer in taste and texture to what I remember meat-filled wontons being more than a cream cheese wonton. I don't know if I'd really want them again.

The entrées were awful. I think I had the spicy mock duck or mock duck with veggies, I can't quite remember. I could taste the "can" from the mock duck and the flavors were not good at all.

My companion had General Tso's Tofu, which was equally bad. Out of 10-12 pieces of tofu, it seemed that the cook actually breaded only two pieces and just forgot about the rest. The veggies were not good either, they had a strange flavor to them like they had not been cooked in the sauce.

As if the food was bad enough, I had to use the restroom...which was *through the kitchen*, down some stairs, and in this creepy dirty basement. What? That just can't be sanitary to allow customers to walk through a kitchen.

Overall, it was one of the worst dining experiences ever. I was totally disappointed because I was looking forward to this place. I'm willing to try the food once more, order something different and get it to go.

I respect what they are trying to do here by offering a nice vegan friendly menu, using separate cooking surfaces, etc., but all the good intentions in the world won't make up for bad food.

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Had Camdi check the ingredients on the 'vegan' cream cheese wontons and 'vegan' egg rolls, as usually the wrapping themselves contain eggs, and the cream cheese being dairy. Both are Vegan, the wrappings don't contain eggs, and a Tofu/soy based substitute is used as the 'cream cheese' in the wontons.

I appreciated the fact that they used separate cookware for the items on their new vegan/veg menu.

I had the Hot and Spicy Mock duck which really was more spicy than the same dish at Kihn Do or Lotus. But very good.

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Camdi has continued to work on their vegan cuisine, which is now on an entirely separate menu (red = meat, green = veggie). In addition, they cook items in a separate wok.

Their hot and sour soup is excellent, possibly the best I've ever had, and it has a variety of many fresh spices. The tofu and vegetable soup is mild, but also good, with a touch of sweetness.

Main dishes are very light and tasty. I think that the owners have done well not only to create, but to continually refine, the vegan selections.

Best of all, they live by the motto "service with a smile", and they strive to make people happy, going beyond politeness. In the past, I noticed that the server recognized and greeted repeat customers as though they were friends.

Don't make the mistake of walking past and ignoring Camdi.

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Camdi has great food. I have never been disappointed with a meal; it's always very good. As others have said, the atmosphere is very relaxed and the service is excellent and friendly; i think the server is also one of the owners.
Also, they now have a separate vegetarian menu, with plenty of vegan options.
Go there.

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The food here is pretty good, but not consistently amazing. I did really love the Tom Yum Noodle Soup, which was really intense. Their vegan hot and sour soup is also great.

I've also had curry tofu, which could've used more curry, and their stuffed tofu, which wasn't bad.

I would definitely eat here if I were in the area, but I probably wouldn't go out of my way to come here, especially when I could go to Evergreen or Lotus To Go Go for Chinese or Vietnamese, respectively.

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There are many good things to say about Camdi. First, the selection of vegetarian items is large enough that you don't have to order the same meal time and again which, as we all know, is not always the case an non-veg-exclusive restaurants. Second, the lunch specials (which are available all day) are an excellent deal if you don't want to spend a lot of money. They are smaller portions than the entrees but cost only around $5. Third, Camdi is quite convenient to the University of Minnesota. Lastly, the service is excellent. The staff is very friendly and create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere in which to enjoy your meal.

The downside of Camdi is that the food isn't as good as at many other Vietnamese restaurants in town. While I have never had a BAD meal at Camdi it sometimes just doesn't taste as good as what you might get at Thanh Do (at twice the price, mind you). Also, if you are quite hungry, the lunch special just may not be enough food. In that case, you have to go for an entree which pushes your meal up in to the $8 range.

Overall, Camdi is a very good restaurant and easily one of the best places to grab lunch for University of Minnesota students and staff.

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Great food! I went with a group and got to taste quite a variety of different vegan menu items. What a delight!

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This is my new fave restaurant in Mpls! I had the vegan cream cheese wontons (HEAVEN!!!), stuffed tofu, tofu in black bean sauce, and a really good homemade coconut drink. The service is as amazing as the food and it's cheap! I love love love this place! They know what vegan is and have expanded their vegan menu. Lots of the new items aren't in the menu. They're posted on the wall or you can ask your server. Go now!!!

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