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Always love eating at this place! It's gourmet vegan food that any plant-eater will love! I even have brought my non-veg eating family members here, and they enjoyed it too! If you aren't a frequent visitor, I suggest ordering a few menu items and splitting them up among those with you! It's worth sampling a variety of the dishes. The best part about eating here--- you leave feeling full, satisfied, and absolutely amazing!

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i hadn't been to the ecopolitan in years, and now i find myself questioning why that was because i just had one of the best dining experiences that i can recall-anywhere!
i went in at 7:45 on a saturday expecting a wait, but the dining room was already winding down from the dinner rush, and we were seated immediately. my hubby and i shared the cashew "cheese log" for an appetizer, and ordered the 'chili cheese' green burrito and the casserole plate with soup for our entrees. the cheese log was incredible! i can't remember ever having a raw cheeze that was so thick and creamy, and whatever they season it with (rejeuvalac maybe?) gave it a very distinguished, savory-cheesy flavor and depth. it was salty creamy bliss covered in olives, basil and oil, and came with some great flax crackers. out of our two entrees i enjoyed the burrito the most. it was 2 huge collards stuffed with cashew sour cream, pine nut cheese, and this amazing lentil-mushroom taco meat that was spiced like a traditional taco meat would be. the portion was more than ample, especially after only eating 2/3rds of our app. the casserole was covered in a creamy dill sauce, and eat bite reminded me of dipping veggies in ranch dressing as a kid; actually, this is the only vegan 'ranch sauce' that i've had that actually tasted like ranch! my only complaint is that since the ranch flavor really permeated the layers of the casserole, it would have lost it's oomph if i hadn't had the side of soup (and the hubby's burrito) to change it up. some people comment on skimpy portion sizes but i found our experience to be quite opposite- we had one burrito and half our appetizer left when we decided to save a little room for dessert. we split a piece of strawberry cheesecake, and it was pretty tasty-and light! my biggest surprise was that although a cashew cheese was incorporated into each dish we had, each had a different, remarkable texture and flavor. my other surprise was the bill: $61.50 for one appetizer, 2 entrees, a bottle of wine, and a dessert. most of our meals out sans wine and dessert can run us at least 50. this is definitely going high on our list of cozy dates for two that won't break the bank.
edit: fyi, the wait between ordering and our app was 15min, and our food came out less than 10min later. a super win in my book :)

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WOW! My husband and I were SO amazed with this food. Anyone who doesn't appreciate this place is very uneducated about the importance of food and most likely has a very abused palate. Try, for sure, the Pine nut not-cho cheese appetizer if you like spicy food. It was out of this world. We had two pizzas-perfection on a plate. We ordered the "rawmlettes"-again, perfect. The coconut cream pie almost made me pass out it was so savory. This place is the best restaurant (raw, cooked, vegan, whatever you want to compare it to) we have EVER been to. A must-try for anyone wanting an exciting dining experience.

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I think the food here was fantastic. As one reviewer mentioned, it does take a long time for your food - but that's the nature of raw food in general. We came as a group, and the time didn't seem too long between ordering and when it arrived. We had the 'ravioli' and the tostada I think it was (like a taco). We also had the cheesecake and a cookie. They were both VERY good...but as others mention, didn't seem to fill us up. We would go again, but just haven't found our way there yet. One thing to note, we did get adventurous and try the 'rejuvilac' was not very good at all....I'm sure their other drinks were great, but I wouldn't recommend this drink :). I do highly recommend the restaurant, though - especially when you have some time to kill.

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It's a nice place to eat, but they have extremely SLOW service. We had to wait at least 45 minutes for the food even though they weren't very busy. The food was good but it certainly was not filling enough to make up for our growing hunger. (We were considering taking a walk around the neighborhood to fill our time for the wait!) Because of this I'm not enthusiastic about returning to this establishment.

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I've been to Ecoplitan many times. I think it is AMAZING! The food is incredible. I love that you can actually HEAR them making your meal and juices. It's so fresh and real and organic. I have totally fallen in love with this restaurant and recommend it to everybody who is interested in trying high-quality raw cuisine.
I have also gone to the Tuesday night lectures. I have learned so much and been so enriched by the information presented. I have completely changed so many views on so many health topics!
This place is truly a gem!

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This is my second time at Ecopolitan. The first time I felt like my food was more expensive than it was worth, but I've definitely changed my opinion after having the raw, vegan pesto pasta. It was the most delicious meal I've ever had and it was creative and unique how they sliced up zucchini to serve as pasta noodles -- totally awesome! A tip: add the thicker balsamic vinegar for extra flavor.

I didn't like the cashew cheese log at first, but it's grown on me with the addition of extra balsamic vinegar. I thought the pizza was good, but it was more of a salad on crackers. The smoothies are delicious and fresh.

Overall, there are a few items that should be reduced in price, but I understand that it's really work-intensive food to make.

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Ecopolitan really is a fabulous restaurant. I'm so proud to have a place like this in Minneapolis!

The servers are friendly, the menu is large & diverse, and I always leave feeling full--yet not overly so. Just perfectly satisfied.

Things I've had here (all of which are delicious, unless otherwise noted):
-Tostadas (my favorite item on the menu!)
-Macadamia Alfredo
-Strawberry Marinara (sadly, not very good)
-Guacamole & Salsa
-Casheese (Cashew "Cheese") Roll (YUMMMM!)
-Pate Sampler
-Purple Kale Salad
-Young Coconut Juice
-Coconut Supreme Smoothie (Good, but I won't order again)
-Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie
-Vanilla Almond Smoothie

They also offer Organic Wine Works' Radical Red, which is my favorite wine EVER. Ever.

Yes, it can get a little expensive, but not ridiculously so - especially for the wonderful atmosphere (and outdoor seating), attentive staff, and the quality of the ingredients. I've also always had leftovers to take home with me. I recommend going in a small group so you can share several dishes & try a variety of things.

It does take a LONG time to get your food, so do not come here if you're in a hurry. I don't think I've ever been out in less than two hours--but I've also only come when I have time to spare & want to enjoy a leisurely dinner.

I am definitely trying the Berry Parfait for dessert the next time I come! That sounds divine.

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The server was dirty (hair and hands) seriously! The food was gross and made all our stomachs hurt within a few hours. The guacamole was runny and bland while the salsa was so hot we couldn't eat it. The dehydrated food like the chips and bread was stale tasting and beware of the lentil "meat" it left an awful after taste in my mouth for days I could not brush my teeth enough!
The only good thing was that they are very eco-friendly and the atmosphere is cozy and clean.

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this place is good if you want to wait a while for food. do not come hungry because it will be a while.
i think the idea is great and the food tastes incredibly fresh, however, i have left this place with a sore tummy more than once. it could be that my body is not used to all of the raw goodness, but i suspect otherwise.

as for the good food they offer (i have had good experiences here!):
the parfait is delish and i would recommend it. SO GOOD.
the raw pizza with avocado is amazing as well.

otherwise, i could make this food at home in actuality.

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When I went here, I thought the concept was great, but the food was average. The entrees were really rich, which I was not used to nor was I expecting. The atmosphere was quiet and relaxing.. just something to note if you are up for a more energetic dining experience.

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the food is always amazing and never disappoints. i know a main complaint is with the prices; dont be discouraged by a $13 plate because most of them are large enough to be shared. for example, the tostadas, flaxjack pancakes, rawmletes come in pairs, and the other dishes are heaping helpings that can satisfy more than one person. for a light meal, even the cashew cheese log (at $8) can be shared, or try getting a couple smoothies ($4-5). dont forget to check for daily specials, including delicious desserts and sauerkraut / kim chi!

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Great story about my 31st birthday:

While we were waiting over 15 minutes for a server to come back to our table of 4 (just for the drink order), a young lady was trying desperately to get into a bathroom but it was occupied. So she threw up right next to our table. No one really rushed over to clean it up. (although an employee did come over to check on her, which was a good thing.)

We couldn't take the smell, so we ended up going to an outdoor table. I don't like eating outdoors at a restaurant to start with, especially not on a busy street. We finally placed our order. 20 minutes after we placed it, our server came back to tell us they were out of what my dad ordered (some kind of porridge). After he changed his order our food came in about 1/2 an hour. The chips accompanying my guacamole were very broken, so I asked for a new order. I was charged for them.

This was the worst experience I had there, but whenever I eat there there is a consistent theme: slow service, although it is usually friendly. They make every meal to order so it takes a long, long time.

The last time I went there was also one of the most pleasant... the first date with my boyfriend, we got a secluded table and good service and were out in about an hour and a half.

I enjoy raw vegan food. That is why I've been to ecopolitan so many times. I love going to a vegan restaurant because you never have to worry about what could end up in your food.

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Love love LOVE this place. The spicy lentil tostadas are probably my favorite, but they also have a "sausage" pizza on the menu sometimes that is fantastic. The casheese roll alone is worth going there for.

The service is not the fastest, but if you're patient & willing to wait for awesome food, this is the place to go!

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UPDATE: Ecopolitan has really grown on me. At first I thought many of its dishes tasted similar, but I think my taste buds have evolved a bit since then and taken to raw flavors. Their spicy Thai noodle dish really is quite spicy and has an unusual taste---it has familiar hints of Asian flavors, but somehow also manages a distinctive, bold, new taste. The flax jacks provide a simple, light, tasty breakfast. The pizzas are okay, but seem more like glorified salads on top of hard flaxseed crackers (their red avocado pizza was so salty that I couldn't eat even half of it---but they didn't charge me for the dish as a result). The lasagna is tasty.

I love their desserts. I've never been disappointed by any of their desserts, from the kiwi lime "pies" to cookies and more.

Ecopolitan certainly takes pride in the presentation of its foods. All of its dishes come across as artful works with a broad range of colors and contrasts and near-perfect symmetry. This perfectionist tendency is appreciated and adds a level of classiness to the place.

Decor and ambience are pleasant. Ecopolitan is in an old house and certainly makes you feel like you're in a quaint, well-maintained home. It's a nice plate to take a date and they also have a wine menu.

The service is consistently friendly and helpful but generally tends to be slow and inattentive also. I would suggest budgeting an hour if you plan to eat here; expect twenty minutes or more for the food to arrive and don't expect frequent check-ins or water fill-ups from your waiter. There's only one waiter at any given time so it can get really slow an inattentive if the restaurant is busy.

Prices are on the slightly higher side for many dishes ($12-14) but Ecopolitan is the only pure vegan (and raw) restaurant in the metro area, so it's worth it for the novelty value of the food and its unique status in the Twin Cities.

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I ate here the other day and just loved the food. Everything on the menu is raw vegan and from the sampling that I had you can't go wrong dining here. I ate the marinara pizza and it was so good that I ordered their burger to go. The prices are about what I would expect for dining out, an entree, and dessert was about $20. For the quality of the food that is extremely reasonable. I don't live in the area but I can certainly dream about the next time that I'm close enough to stop in for dinner.

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The food is a bit pricey if yer lookin for cheap eats, but it's damned good stuff. They have 100% raw vegan food and it tastes great. Definitely worth your time!!

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I've never been let down here.

If you're going for the first time and are a little concerned you might not like vegan raw gourmet food, try the lasagna. Seriously, try the lasagna.

I've been here with both my father and my father-in-law and I told them to get the lasagna and they didn't get it. Were they satisfied with what they did order? No. Not really.

I honestly feel that the lasagna is Ecopolitan's gateway dish. Once you try it, you'll keep coming back for more, wanting more, aching to recreate that initial high you got when you realized that thinly sliced marinated zucchini make the best lasagna noodles you'll ever have the pleasure of stuffing into your cooked-food lovin' mouth.

Oh and that cashew cheese log rocks my world ev-er-y time.

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My girlfriend and I have wanted to go here for quite some time so when we did eventually go we made reservations and when we oredered we expected to wait maybe 40 minutes for our two entrees (as opposed to the conventional 15)because it takes a little longer to make these creative dishes. We proceeded to watch everyone who came in after us recieve their food as an hour passed. That is when our server told us it would be out soon. After about an hour and 20 some minutes we recieved our entrees. The tostado was great and the falafel wraps were good but by that time we were so hungy that we ate it in less than 5 minutes not able to enjoy it as much. It just kind of bothered us that it wasn't a big deal to the staff that it took nearly an hour and a half to recieve our small order. It's a cool, cozy place with other great aspects besides the restaurant, but unfortunately I doubt that we'll eat there again. Waiting that long to pay $14 per meal is not worth it. If you decide to go, I suggest eating something before you go if you are remotely hungry (as strange as that sounds).

Food- 4 stars

Server was nice but didn't help with anything----Service (server, chefs, etc.) 1/2 star

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I actually stopped in here the other day for a "quick" bite to eat in the middle of the afternoon, full well knowing that the raw food prep would take longer than traditional cooked foods to prepare. They actually got the food out to me *really* quickly. I actually put in my dessert order ahead of time, and it came out right after my entree.

I had the savory casserole, and it was quite good. The dessert was a strawberry "shortcake", and it was really tasty.

The service was friendly and quick, and I was very impressed overall.

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Ecopolitan does some amazing things with food.

Since it's raw food, and organic, expect two things: 1) Not everything on the menu can be made... and sometimes *a lot* of things on the menu can't be made, because one or more of the fresh ingredients aren't in stock, and 2) Since it's raw food, the preparation is intense to chop all of the vegetables, and it's slow food. Relax and enjoy some conversation.

In any case, I've been impressed with whatever they make, including their improvised and original creations, such as their soups. And it's one of very few places where I can only finish half of my meal because it's so filling and satisfying, even though most or all things are low in calories.

If you're looking for an original, all vegan, dining experience, or tasty food (regardless of your dietary beliefs or preferences), try Ecopolitan. It's unusual, but a rewarding and comfortable gourmet experience.

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hands down my favorite place to eat in mpls. skip the thai noodle dish, though - there are way better things on the menu. trust me, i've tried everything they have to offer and that's the only thing i haven't liked.
also, they sometimes have entree and dessert specials that change. it's fun to drop in and see (usually on the little white marker board after you walk in) what's new.

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I'm so in love with their cashew "cheese" log. I have loved everything I've ever had their and want to keep going back to try everything. The lentil taco "meat" is awesome in both the green burrito and the tostada. The Rawvioli is to die for, the lasagna is awesome, too.

Excellent. I've taken many omnis here and they have all been equally impressed with this place.

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Everything I have ever had at Ecopolitan is GREAT!! I especially like the Coconut Supreme Smoothie, the Taco Salad and the Strawberry Marinara over zucchini noodles. Everything is great though. I have been attending the free lectures my Dr. T who owns the restaurant and I have benefited greatly health-wise. There is also great selection of raw appliances, juicers, dehydrators, blenders, high quality supplements, bulk foods take out food items and many other Eco related items. Dr. T walks around and talks to his customers also.

I would recommend it any day.

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This restaurant is one of a kind! Truly something to experience. Their approach to food is creative, beautiful, healthy, and tasty. The Ecopolitan building itself is a center for ecologically related activities and resources.

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the food is delicious, and every meat-lover i've brought has found something good. the falafel plate is the best, as is anything with their chips. the pizzas are good, too. i found the green burrito bland, and i think the lasagna was too rich, if you can believe that. it is a little expensive (and still totally worth every penny), but if you ask they do keep one or two cheaper menu items every day, so you can be organic and vegan on a budget.

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This place is pricey. I understand that's because everything is organic and raw, so the food has to be really fresh. It's the kind of place you want to go to try something... different. The salads are really good, but you can make them at home. I recommend the banana date thing. A little fancy for me, but it is local and all vegan and organic, so we go sometimes to support the place. They have the fanciest ice cubes in town - maybe that's the real reason it's expensive. Oh, but the out door seating is nice.

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Ecopolitan has the best vegan food ever! All of their food is wonderful in taste and very healthy. You won't feel bad getting strawberry "ice cream" or a slice of pie made with fresh fruit, dates and nuts. I love the Marinara pizza with avocado, raisins and garlic, a flavor explosion or the macadamia alfredo, a rich cashew macadamia sauce cover homespun zuchinni noodles. The smoothies rock and everything is vegan!! I Love Ecopolitan!

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I had the Green Burrito (delicious!) and some of my friend's cucumber pasta (also delicious!). This place is perfect... and I'll punch anyone that says otherwise. I'm practically kidding.

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I've been to Ecopolitan many times, and each time it has been a rather pleasant experience. The food is always very fresh and very delicious. Portions, in general, are a little small and pricey, but hey, this is raw food; and gourmet at that. (Try New York or L.A. and you'll really be shocked!) My favorite dish at Ecopolitan is the pasta alfredo. It consists of thinly shredded zucchini noodles topped off with a rich, zesty macadamia nut "cheese" sauce. MmmMmm Good! Ecopolitan also has a juice bar, a bookstore, a shop of various eco-friendly household items. Plus, there's outdoor dining for those beautiful Twin City days and nights. And they have free meetings on Tuesday nights to discuss a variety of health-related issues. Overall, a trip to Ecopolitan is my choice as the most worthwhile health-minded experience in the entire Twin Cities.
Try it, you'll like it!

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The waitress we had was so nice and our dining experience was great thanks to her. I didn't think the service is that slow, and hardly notice any impatient customers when we dined there on a Friday night. The foods were very very fresh. Zucchini ribbons were a fatastic idea, but they can be made a bit shorter (only my personal preference though I know longer ribbons proved the skills of the chef and the fresh and crisp quality of zucchini) Desserts are wonderfully presented. Though I had better sobert, the vegan chocolate cake and all presentations got me impressed.

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Everything at the Ecopolitan tasted awesome! We had a vegetable appetizer with portabello pate, raw lasagna, pizza marinara, and a cold banana and dates dessert. We weren't raw foodists or knowledgable about a raw food diet at that time, but the foods there convinced us to go raw. The cost is high; yet, it is worth it for the fresh organic seletion.

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The raw burrito is my fav here. It is the only place in town that serves vegan wine, to my knowledge. The desserts, like the raw fig pie, make the sweet tooth happy. Nice staff. However, it is expensive.

</rant>My biggest pet peeve is having to listen to people at other tables complain about how slow the service is. It says right on the menu that the food prep is slow because everything is prepared fresh!</rant>

Definately not the place to go for a work day lunch unless you have more than an hour.

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Ecopolitan is pretty expensive, but the food I've had there has been pretty tasty. A good place to go to once in a while, or just to try, but a bit too pricey to be a regular stop.

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