Monty's Blue Plate Diner

Madison, Wisconsin


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I had their TLT sandwich once and their vegan hash. I wasn't super fond of either, just because I loathe fennel and fennel happened to be in both dishes (I believe they use it to marinade their tempeh).

I also had a soy shake there, that was out of this world! It was an espresso oreo shake. Definitely hit the spot.

I will definitely go back again and try some other vegan options!

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I really liked this place a lot before I went completely vegan, their vegetarian options are really fabulous, the absolute top option being the meatless loaf of the gods. While they have many vegetarian choices their vegan options are pretty slim. I lucked out the other day and their special was able to be made vegan (a fabulous mixed greens, corn, beat, avocado salad with lemon vinaigrette) - the vegetarian version includes feta cheese. For vegetarians they also have a variety of breakfast egg options (my former favorite being the zucchini pancakes).

Their vegan french toast was a real disappointment and insanely priced for basically what turned out to be two pieces of bread. This is an odd thing as everything else on their menu is appropriately priced for what it is. They have also been out of soy ice cream the last few times I've been there (um demand exceeding supply which is good and bad). If you are there on the right day they will make a vegan shake which is awesome.

I generally get the vegan shoplifters sandwich which is a very yummy tempeh sandwich that inspired me to make a similar dish at home (strangely, sans tempeh - my version is just portebello mushrooms, onions, and avocado on good french rolls). If I'm not in the mood for this dish though I generally don't go.

For people who are with a mixed group (veg and others) this is a good place that will make everyone happy.

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I went to lunch with two omnivores, and they let me pick the place. I was pleased to have a great deal of options to choose from. I went with the vegan french toast, which was delicious. Very busy place, cool atmosphere, will go back next time I am in Madison.

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I liked the 1950s-diner ambience of this joint. It was crowded and bustling when we went, though we didn't have to wait for a table, unlike people in larger groups. It seems to be a popular weekend brunch spot.

The service was friendly and prompt and our waiter picked up that I was vegan (without me telling him) and helpfully told us that some things (such as the rolls) weren't dairy-free. He substituted toast and English muffins for us.

I found my vegan tofu scramble with potato hash to be decent, but nothing spectacular. My friend thought the same of his "Sloppy Faux" sandwich which came with waffle fries. The prices are reasonable at around $7-10 a dish and the portion sizes are good. They do offer at least eight or nine vegan-friendly dishes from scrambles to burgers to meatloaf.

Madison needs a place like this which offers vegan brunch foods so I appreciate Blue Plate is around. The vibe is good and they have parking. But the quality of the food could stand to improve a bit.

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