Happy Family Restaurant

Los Angeles, California


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We've just been to Happy Family at their new location on the outside of the new Atlantic Times Square mall. We went for the all-you-can-eat lunch special ($13.95 each), and between two of us ordered a spring roll each, kung pao with chicken (wheat gluten), deep fried house chicken (mushroom), rib (taro) with sweet & sour sauce, stir fry green mustard leaves, and tofu with black bean and brown sauce. Everything was great, though the mustard leaves could have been a little less oily. Our favourite was the taro ribs: the little taro balls wrapped in batter were perfect and the sweet & sour sauce was subtle, neither too sweet nor sour. Unlike a previous reviewer, we liked the spring rolls - although they did contain a lot of cabbage, that's not all they had in them, and they were cooked perfectly. Our waitress was great, and helped us choose, even warning us when we'd ordered something that was too oily.

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Hmm, I was expecting a lot better considering some of the other reviews for this restaurant. I was pretty disappointed. We had the hot and sour soup which was fine immediately but not by the time we went back for a second helping (basically after it had cooled off a bit). The Kung Pao "chicken" (wheat gluten) was okay, but not spicy at all and somewhat bland. The Szechuan Style Tofu is actually Ma Po Tofu and pretty good if you like that dish. The biggest disappointment was the stir-fried pea leaves. There were literally NO leaves- just a big pile of stems and they were way too tough to chew completely. We also got the fried spring rolls which consisted only of cabbage on the inside, did not taste good and were hard to bite into because of all the cabbage. On the plus side, the food came fast.

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My mom and I have truly enjoyed our visits to Happy Family Restaurant. Our visits to this restaurant have been during lunch. Their lunch entrees are about $5 and come with tea, rice, and soup. The servings are x-large (we always take them to-go). We’ve tried almost everything on the lunch menu. There are so many items on the menu, which make it difficult to choose what to eat –but you’ll never be disappointed in what you get. Quality of food is definitely there. Both of us eat for about $11.00 for lunch. Highly recommended.

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