Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop

Manhattan, New York City


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I ended up not getting anything to eat here after speaking with the staff, but still wanted to write a review because I was so pleased with the service. It's really disappointed that the bun, sauce, cheese, and tofu bacon on their "famous" veggie burger aren't vegan, but I was really impressed with the knowledge of the employee I was speaking with. She went over all the vegan options and how different menu items could be modified to be vegan.

I felt sort of bad not getting anything after talking with her, but I felt they couldn't offer more than a plain Jane sandwich I could make at home. I suggested that they switch to using vegan buns and tofu bacon (at minimum) so that not only vegetarians, but also vegans, could enjoy the sandwiches, but there didn't seem much interest. Hopefully more people will ask for vegan options there and they'll decide to be more vegan-friendly

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