Vegetarian Fast Food

Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario


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I was pretty unimpressed with this place. The food was decent but not spectacular. I had some meatless chicken nuggets and a spicy "pork" noodle bowl. There were a number of vegan desserts on the menu, but they all consisted of tapioca mixed with some sort of fruit.

The service was pretty abysmal. Our waitress confused my order with another person's and ended up giving me the bubble tea made with dairy milk and gave my non-vegan friend the one made with coconut milk. She also left midway through our meal and none of the other waitstaff seemed to be interested in serving us, so our whole meal ended up taking more than 2 hours.

The weirdest part about this place is that it's called "Vegetarian Fast Food" but has a lot of (actual) meat on the menu. I guess it's an option for vegetarians trying to find a restaurant where they can eat with carnivorous friends, but I found the name to be pretty misleading.

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