Yuan Fu

Rockville, Maryland


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This place was worth the 3 hour car ride. For the first time ever my husband could eat everything off the menu with out double checking that no meat was cooked on the same grill. I expanded my liking for fake meats there, especially the chickenless-chicken and our final bill was very reasonably priced.

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I really loved this place because the food was good, the portions were reasonable, and the service was friendly.

My friend and I started with the fried taro balls, which were crispy and flaky on the outside but soft on the inside. I actually thought the inside was a little undercooked and mushy but my friend says they're always like that.

For dinner, we split a few dishes, including crispy fried eggplant (which was amazing, especially considering I don't like eggplant), crispy fried faux beef w/ broccoli (which was so-so; a little too crispy and dry for me), and the Kung Pao tofu w/ bell peppers (my favorite - very flavorful w/ good textures).

I loved that the menu included pictures of most of the dishes and the staff was knowledgeable and could answer questions about what's all in what dish and to make recommendations.

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Yuan Fu is a nice little place with extensive vegan dishes and options. Their service is super-friendly and their food is tasty, light and healthy. I found their orange beef to be a tad dry, but their chicken with mixed vegetables was robust and diverse in its flavors. Their prices are good and portion sizes are large. I'd say Yuan Fu and its down-the-road competitor, The Vegetable Garden, are on equal footing.

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Extremely friendly staff. Fantastic food. A good bit less expensive than any other veg. chinese in the area.

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