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I ate here two days in a row. The menu is overwhelming and it was crazy busy. I enjoyed everything I ate here, and the items were creative. The prices were reasonable.

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While visiting DC we stopped here for dessert and were really dissapointed. We tried a few different cakes and the peanut butter brownies, and they were just not good. Dry and funny-tasting, maybe because it was all gluten free. The lemon cake was the only thing that we tried that was ok.

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I've been here a few times and I can't say that it's my favorite but I keep coming here because it's a good hang out sort of place. I feel like some of the sandwiches are boring (basically vegan lunch meat sandwiches I could make at home) and I'm not a fan of Korean food, so their Korean dishes may be great but they just aren't for me. I love that this place has some desserts that aren't Vegan Treats (which I am thoroughly sick of) and a great selection of smoothies.

My absolute favorite part of Java Green is that they aren't just in it to make money off vegetarians, they actually care about animal rights. They do fundraisers for Compassion Over Killing and the owner shows up at animal rights events. Very cool. I wish they were open on Sundays but I guess it doesn't make much sense given their location.

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Java Green was just a couple blocks from my hotel when I was in town on business.

For dinner, I ordered Curry Deluxe. I was disappointed. It comes with fake chicken, which was really dry, and the curry sauce didn't have a good flavor. It also came out only two minutes after I ordered it, which made me think it had been warmed up in the microwave. This wasn't worth the $12 they charge for it. You could get something much better for way less at a Thai restaurant.

Their bakery items are great. I had banana bread and pumpkin bread for breakfast, which were both excellent.

Overall, they have a TON of vegan options, most of which I didn't get to try. But I was very impressed with their extensive menu.

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In town consulting with clients, I decided to take the short walk over to Java Green for dinner. I had the Curry Noodle with Orange "Chicken" -- it was wonderful and a nice break from my normal Whole Foods deli lunches I've been having during my short lunch break. Java Green is a small place so I can see it getting crowded however it was moderately slower at 7:30 on Monday. Prices weren't too bad considering the economy these days. The menu was eclectic, but sizable -- I'd try most things if I was in town long enough.

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What an excellent joint, right in the center of DC. In fact, this is one of the few high-quality vegetarian/vegan restaurants in downtown DC; whenever I'm in the city I make it a point to eat here as often as possible. The menu is huge and eclectic with wonderful sandwich, soup and salad options, along with some traditional Korean rice and noodle entrees. It's hard to know what to pick as everything sounds great. Their grilled "chicken" sandwich was fresh and light, while their California gimbob sushi tray was delicious, subtle and complex. Their desserts are tasty but not mind-blowing; I found their blueberry cheesecake a bit dry and flat, but their vegan brownie was super-soft and smooth.

Their boolgogi deluxe noodle bowl or curry noodle with spicy "chicken" are both delectable, filling and unusual. Their smoothies are tasty and addictive (but probably 1,000 calories a piece). I loved their chai latte with raw (!) almond milk, but it was awfully expensive at $7. That said, I've never seen a place offering raw nut milks as options. Who needs soy milk?

Prices are reasonable, especially for its downtown location. I wish they had more space (it can get crowded very easily, especially at peak times) and were open later. In the end, though, this is one of my favorite restaurants in the country and I hope to see more of them in other cities.

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There are lots of things to like about Java Green. All the dishes are vegetarian and most of the food and drinks are vegan. The food is tasty and interesting (I'll say more about this later). They try to use organic fruits and vegetables. The service was nice; my server was vegan too which I liked. They also have a nice assortment of COK materials handy and they seem to care about animal issues. I also liked the cafe; it's nice without being fancy.

I tried two dishes: Chicken Deluxe and a Boolgogi (BBQ beef) with kimchi. Both were really good! The faux chicken was my favorite. The drumstick tasted like drumsticks I used to like to eat as a kid. The boolgogi was good too, as was pretty much everything else. And they both came with purple rice which was very good especially when I added sweet sauce to it. One thing that I really liked about both dishes was that there was a lot of variety in each dish, so you can eat there alone or with only one other person and not get bored with your dish.

I highly recommend Java Green! I had high expectations and I was pretty sure that I'll be disappointed, but I was not at all.

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This place is a nice little place to grab something for lunch. I had a Bulgolgi panini with a shake. The sandwich was pretty good - the shake was so-so. When they get busy, it gets kind of hectic and the service slides a bit.

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