Food for Thought Cafe

Portland, Oregon


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There are a couple options for non-dairy milk for coffee drinks, and yummy vegan muffins. Affordable, good food.

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I go there for the giant cookies and cupcakes. Dear pastry chef: I want to kiss you!

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Food for Thought is a very cool place. I was impressed by how many vegan options they had; I think all their baked good, for example, were vegan when I went there. And everything was so cheap! And they are serving organic, and locally produced stuff. Very cool. I really liked the atmosphere too. It was busy and lively, and yet, I was able to get lots of work done. The people there seemed really cool and the few conversations I overheard were actually interesting. The food was so so, but I only tried one dish, so I definitely plan to go back and try more.

This is a definitely a place worth supporting, and that's easy to do because going there was a very pleasant experience.

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