No Fish! Go Fish!

Portland, Oregon


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Vegan options are okay. They soup is always good, but the corn cakes aren't so hot. The seem to get undercooked and the insides are gooey and batter-like. I love going there and price is right, but at the same time I end up feeling ill from the cakes.

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There is no other place like this one in Portland. Cozy, cute, and conveniently located near 39th and Hawthorne, this place is spectacular. Of the 4 daily homemade soups offered, at least 2 are always vegetarian. And their signature item, the No Fish Sandwich (a Korean street food cornmeal fish-shaped cake), has 15 varieties (all but 2 are veg). Their noodle-bowls are clever meat-free alternatives and the cheese panini sandwich is divine (with LOADS of cheese).

Friendly service to boot.

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