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Love the place. The food is wonderful, the staff is friendly and helpful, and I love the atmosphere (it's down to earth, and there's always art on the walls. There aren't many pure vegetarian coffee shops around.

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I thought s'Nice was fine for a quick lunch stop, but it wasn't fantastic. I got the smoked tempeh wrap. The tempeh was tasty but the wrap was straight-out-of-the-refridgerator cold. I really wish the tempeh (at least) was warm. The flavors really would have stood out then!

Wi-fi was really spotty, by the way. Boo!, since I had work to do too.

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I'm going to review my July 2007 entry because back then, they didn't have a ton of vegan options but now they do. I've never had a sandwich here that I didn't like but I must say the chicken pot pie wrap is one of my favorites.

I really like that 'snice (all their locations) offer "real" side dishes, like roasted broccoli or potato salad, instead of just chips. It may cost a couple bucks extra, but it's definitely better quality and healthier than the usual chips or fries.

This particular location tends to be really busy - particularly around lunch time - and I read somewhere it's a good place to meet other single veg New Yorkers, in case that means anything to you!

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This is one of your average grungy vegetarian coffee shops. Nothing on the menu really stood out for me, and the few vegan options aren't too interesting (think hummus wrap).

That said, it's one of few veg-places that is open before 10 a.m. in the Greenwich Village/Chelsea/Lower East Side area.

I came early and had a tofu scramble wrap ($6) which wasn't flavorful. Where was the garlic? Or the garam masala? Or the red chili or the basil? It was just chunks of turmeric tofu with beans and a Pace Picante-style salsa in a clammy wrap. To make matters worse, they heat everything up in a microwave.

I also had a cup of Darjeeling tea, which was extremely expensive at $2.50 (most coffee shops I go to serve loose-leaf tea for around $1.50-$1.90).

I'd come back here to try one of their lunch sandwiches, just to give them another chance. But the first time around, 'sNice didn't impress me at all.

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Although it's vegetarian, there aren't all that many vegan choices.

Things are pre-mixed, generally, and are just put on a bun and put in a microwave (they could at least try to hide this fact).

It would've been okay if it were a few bucks cheaper, but for the same price or less you can get a much higher quality meal. You can walk 5 minutes south east towards Washington Square Park and have your choice of more than half a dozen all-vegetarian places - there's really no reason to settle.

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'sNice is an excellent vegan-friendly cafe near 14th oasis for veg-heads in this area. It rocks because it is an internet cafe (free access) and has a number of veg options. The food is not quite a 7, but overall the place is a 7. The salads are ok and there are some yum items like the tempeh reuben. There are daily specials, some of the best I had there were the braised cauliflower and the brussel sprouts. The variety of options is great, and there are some wonderful teas and desserts as well. The best thing about it is the large amount of seating (although it is often packed during peak hours) and the wi-fi.

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