India Palace

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Boooooo, India Palace.

I've gone three or four times, now, and each time have said that I'm a vegan and what I do and do not eat. This last time, my waiter told me the rice is made with butter and always has been. India Palace's rice is not vegan. The waiter was really helpful in telling me what things I could eat, but rice, guys. Rice is basic. The food is pretty delicious, so long as you don't miss the rice. Like I did.

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The lunch buffet has enough vegetarian options to keep everyone happy. The menu isn't extremely helpful as to which items are vegan, and the waiter acted annoyed when I asked for clarification. The food was tasty and fresh. A nice place to visit, but not somewhere I'd return.

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Food was pretty good. Try the "Chuna Saug", it is delicious!

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