Urban Herbivore

Toronto, Ontario


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This is a great lunch spot with fantastic salads. Choosing different ingredients, proteins, nuts and dressing makes a great dish every time. Their muffins are fantastic!

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Awesome little cafe. The sandwiches are amazing! They have different delicious tofu and seitan options, plus some very interesting veggies (celery root!). The juices and baked goods are fantastic too. My favorite was the lemon curd bar.

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YOU MUST EAT HERE. they basically offer 4 things:

Sandwiches - a must
Salads - choose your own ingredients and lovely dressings
Juices - delicious drinks
Baked goods and Spreads - hummus, muffins, etc.

If you are in Kensington, you have to eat here. they are related to Fressen, but are the complete opposite. Great atmosphere, much cheaper and the food is to die for.

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I love their sandwiches, though they are rather pricey -- but they are huge, very substantial things, and you could probably get a meal and a half out of one sandwich.

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