Pattycake Vegan Bakery

Columbus, Ohio


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I love their stuff so much, my favorites are the blueberry muffins, snicker doodles, and gingersnaps.

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This is a small bakery with a great array of offerings, from cookies to cakes to muffins and more. The service was really friendly and helpful in narrowing my choices (it's hard to decide what to get with so many options!).

I got a chocolate chip cookie, a vanilla-blackberry cupcake and a banana-peanut butter whoopie pie (the total for all three came to $8.40).

The cookie tasted great and was really moist and rich. It took me back to my Tollhouse days. The only problem was that the cookie fell apart really easily, so I had to eat it in small bits.

The cupcake was also really tasty, especially with the subtle vanilla frosting and the fresh blackberries places on top (going forward, I want all of my cupcakes to have fresh berries on top of them). The cake portion of the cupcake was acceptable, but just slightly dry and dense; had it been moister and fluffier, it would have been the perfect cupcake.

Lastly, the whoopie pie was really awesome. It was basically a banana bread peanut butter sandwich. It not only tasted great, but also felt almost healthy; I think the idea of using banana bread as sandwich slices is a clever one, as well. Also, this whoopie pie was way better than the more traditional chocolate and creme-filling one I had from Vegan Treats.

If Pattycake had more seating and offered some loose-leaf teas (strangely, they sell loose-leaf tea by the packet, but don't offer individual cups of it, even though they do offer cups of coffee), it would be the perfect vegan bakery. As it stands, it's still a wonderful place.

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Wow, Pattycake is amazing. I think the muffins they make may be the best muffins I've ever had. My favorites were the banana chocolate chip and blueberry. Both were incredibly moist, and the flavor was great.

I also tried a PB&J cupcake, which was really good. Peanut better icing and grape jelly filling. I would've preferred strawberry jelly, but it still worked.

I tried a couple kinds of whoopie pies. These were good, but the cake part was a little dry. Nothing unacceptable, but not quite as good as the amazing muffins and cupcakes.

I also bought a bunch of items that I shared with other people, and the reports back were that everything people sampled was pretty tasty.

We need a place like this in Minneapolis!

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Every treat made by Pattycake is wonderful! Columbus is truly lucky to have this bakery!

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I have to rate them as great as I rarely eat cooked food let alone any type of baked goods. Their wowie cake is just fantastic.

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I visited the bakery (very cute) and had the chocolate raspberry cake, which was delicious. I also taste two of their treats at the Clintonville Co-op. I had a an orange-frosted butterfly cookie (delicious), and a cinnamon bun (yummy, but probably better fresh). They have a great selection of items and it looks like a better range than most vegan bakeries and restaurants. Definitely worth stopping in.

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The cupcakes at Pattycake Bakery are huge and amazingly good. All of their baked goods are very reasonably-priced . On Saturday mornings, they make special vegan cinnamon buns.

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Fantastic, vegan cookies that are actually moist!

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