House of Vege

Los Angeles, California


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House of Vege is one of my favorite places to eat, love the orange chicken. I have seen a change in staff 3 times since my first visit there in 2003, could never match the first. Not long ago I visited and thought that I would never go there again, the food was awful, has since gotten better. Prices are great for the food. Worth a visit.

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Its simple, greasy non creative, and terrible service. I went when it was very slow and still took forever. I order some crispy chicken and got some deep fried batter covered mushrooms. i will never go back.

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I went here due to hearing raves about this from a friend of mine who isn't vegetarian but her husband is. I was excited and wanted to give it a fair chance and ordered about 5 different dishes. I have been to quite a few vegan/vegetarian restaurants and pretty much most of the Los Angeles area Chinese veggie places and this was the worst. The food was all drenched in oil even though I specifically asked to use little oil in everything. The dishes that weren't fried were still pretty greasy compared to other places. Overall, in comparison with other places the dishes were unhealthy and lacked taste. I ended up trying to wipe off oil from my food before I ate it. I was incredibly disappointed as I had heard such a great rave about it. To give the place some credit, the service was good and the atmosphere was fine.

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This place is fantastic. I go to it for cooking inspiration. It's so good that I really believe I could take omnivore friends here and they wouldn't notice that the veggie chicken and fish aren't the real thing.

As a strict whole food vegan who watches salt intake I tend to avoid veggie "meats". I've sampled them a few times at this place and like most veggie meats they strike me as too salty. "Meat" lovers might like it though.

I also avoid anything that's deep fried. The spring rolls are no exception, though in my former omnivore life I have to say that I've been to some "greasy spoon" type Chinese places in which the spring rolls are greasy throughout - at House of Vege (HOV) I think the rolls are in oil only very briefly.

I sense that HOV is pretty judicious in its use of oil in stir fries, in soup, etc. I don't get the feeling of excessive greasiness.

I think HOV is also fairly careful in its use of salt - Chinese cuisine is notoriously salty. The last time I was at one particularly well-known Chinese "bistro" restaurant I thought I would gag from all the salt in its food. Not a problem at HOV.

I also appreciate how brown rice is an option.

I just wish this place was a bit closer to us. Then again, maybe it's just as well that it's not, because I'd be wanting to eat there a heck of a lot more often!

House of Vege is located on the north side of Pacific Coast Highway in Lomita, just a bit east of the huge shopping center at Crenshaw.

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