Vegetable Delight

Los Angeles, California

Closed as of Mar 1 15

17823 Chatsworth Street
Granada Hills, California 91344


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Info courtesy of Vegetarians in Paradise

Chinese vegan dining with many pseudo meat, fish and chicken dishes. Those who appreciate fresh basil will enjoy the Eggplant with Basil. The Broccoli Veggie Chicken had slices of deliciolus, tender, homemade seitan.

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My boyfriend and I were both disappointed in the quality of the food at Vegetable Delight. Since its rating here at VegGuide was almost as high as that of Madeleine Bistro, we came in with high expectations. Unfortunately, the restaurant did not live up to them. Following the suggestions here, we ordered the mixed appetizers, the wonton soup, the lemon chicken and the eggplant with basil. The eggplant basil and the wonton soup weren't bad, but the mixed appetizers and the lemon chicken, although they had the texture of meat, were nearly flavorless. The lemon chicken was also much too sweet. All in all, we can't fathom why Vegetable Delight has received a relatively high rating here. On the upside, though, the meal was affordable (especially for L.A.), so if you want to check it out for yourself, you won't be out too much $. As for us, we don't plan to return there.

P.S. For much better seitan, I recommend A Single Pebble in Burlington, Vermont.

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Oh, how I do love Vegetable Delight! My son and I discovered this restaurant many years ago, and have become friends with Bill and Lee. The service is lovely, and the food -- oh, the FOOD!!! I have WAYYYYYY too many favorites to mention, but I definitely suggest that, no matter what else you order, go with the "Mixed Appetizers," which are mouth-droolingly good -- and FUN! If the weather's cool, definitely also have the "Wonton Soup," which will be soul-satisfying. Okay, okay, I can't NOT mention either the original "Lemon Chicken," or the "Beef with Broccoli," or the "Sweet and Sour Pork." Texture, flavor, pure enjoyment. Oh, now I'm also remembering the "Princess Ham." Oh, my!

Parking's a cinch, by the way, which is a huge plus.

And the atmosphere is simple and nice -- very relaxing -- and you can dress as you please.

DO tell Lee or Bill that I, Susie V Kaufman, strongly recommended their wonderful, fantastic, super-duper, outstandingly great restaurant! And have a terrific time experiencing their menu for the very first time. You WILL be back!

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11:30am - 9:30pm

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