Fatty's and Company

Los Angeles, California


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My husband and I are vegans. We LOVE Fatty's and go there at least twice a month. We've been there 8 times since we discovered it. The vegan food has always been excellent. The service has always been wonderful as well.
The only issue is that the vegan menu is somewhat limited... but you face that in most restaurants, so we're used to it. The Sloppy Joe is fantastic, as is the Cadillac Pizza. And for dessert, you can't beat Fudgey, a vegan chocolate cake concoction.
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I thought the appetizer and entree I had were only okay (I mean, I feel like I could make better vegetarian fare at home), but my husband loved and I mean LOVED the vegetarian sloppy Joe. But then again he'd eat pretty much any vegetarian meat substitute.

Non-veg friends raved about it, if that counts for anything.

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My friend bit into a nail in his pizza - A NAIL!!!!! Though their waiter was very apologetic, the owner showed absolutely no sympathy. Further, the pizza wasn't even removed from the bill. And apparently this isn't the only negative experience I've heard of.

Over priced food + horrible customer service = not worth trying.

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In terms of location and atmosphere and maybe even creativity-Fatty's is a decent place to go. However, the amount you pay for the food you get is incredibly disappointing. The concoctions are not all that crafty, except the dessert menu, and the taste is lacking. I've given this place several tries to let it grow on me...and all that was bringing me back was the vegan apple pie, which after this last dining experience has also changed...so now I have absolutely no reason to come back-I'm actually relieved. The hours are incredibly inconvenient and you get the feeling that the wait staff would rather not serve you.

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Great location in Eagle Rock, and a great name. We went for dinner, they had candles lit, the atmosphere was eclectic. We brought our kids, which probably wasn't such a great idea. Not many menu choices for kids. They have magazines and newspapers for sale as well. Parking was easy to find on the street. The food was reasonably priced. Definitely worth a visit.

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