Fatty's and Company

Los Angeles, California

Closed as of Sep 1 13

1627 Colorado Blvd.
Eagle Rock, California 90041


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Vegetarian American foods

A great place to enjoy a soy latte or a cold beverage with your vegetarian soup, salad, sandwich, or pizza. Though most menu items contain dairy, they gladly accommodate vegans. Two soups offered daily, one dairy, one vegan. Because this restaurant does not advertise being vegetarian, 90% of their customers are non-vegetarians--a great way to introduce veggie cuisine.

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My husband and I are vegans. We LOVE Fatty's and go there at least twice a month. We've been there 8 times since we discovered it. The vegan food has always been excellent. The service has always been wonderful as well.
The only issue is that the vegan menu is somewhat limited... but you face that in most restaurants, so we're used to it. The Sloppy Joe is fantastic, as is the Cadillac Pizza. And for dessert, you can't beat Fudgey, a vegan chocolate cake concoction.
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I thought the appetizer and entree I had were only okay (I mean, I feel like I could make better vegetarian fare at home), but my husband loved and I mean LOVED the vegetarian sloppy Joe. But then again he'd eat pretty much any vegetarian meat substitute.

Non-veg friends raved about it, if that counts for anything.

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