Whole Foods

Portland, Oregon


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I love eating lunch at Whole Foods! I had my Whole Foods cater a health starts here, allergy friendly, vegan baby shower for 50 people. Everyone loved the food. Whole Foods is much less expensive than Albertson catering. I thought I would pay through the nose for wholesome organic foods. But I was surprised. I will have Whole Foods cater my vegan Christmas party dinner to. At $10 a person who could beat that? I can't even buy and make the food for that! Here is a great big shout out to the catering department at Whole Foods!

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This Wild Oats location has a veggie knot in the bakery, it's like a yeasted bread thing with vegan cheese, spices and veggies baked into it. Amazing! Try one (or 3) and try to convince other locations to make them, too!

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