Ananda Fuara

San Francisco, California


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I'm not vegan or vegetarian I found this place by chance while marching in the walk for life and the food is bomb we had wraps mushroom wrap is delicious and so is the chicken pesto highly recommend for all best food ever pricy but worth every penny. Central coast gal

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I'm a big fan of Ananda Fuara. I've been a regular customer there for years! They make the BEST salads! There are also a variety of excellent cooked vegetarian meals, including delicious curry-of-the-day! For beverages, you can order coffee, regular or special teas, or lassi. Don't forget the desserts -- choice of vegan or vegetarian! The service is friendly and pleasant. The environment is very pleasant, with fresh flowers on your table. This is a calm haven off of Market Street! Ananda Fuara is popular for lunch; you may have to wait for a table if you go around noon! Even non-vegetarians really like this place. (If you ever stopped by and it was closed, give it another chance -- it is well worth it!)

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I have been going to Ananda Fuara for several years now and along with a diverse crowd of business and government repeat diners have enjoyed my meal immensely. Usually, even at the peak times one does not have to wait more than a minute for a table. The harmony group of devotees to Sri Chinmoy (gave the opening meditation the United Nations for 25 years) are always humble and exceedingly courteous and helpful. The portions are generous and very affordable. Their "neatloaf" is a popular dish, but I typically order the spicy lental soup and a wonderful crisp salad with lemon tahini sauce--Wonderful!! If you are ordering dessert, try the strawberry cake or the chocolate peanut butter dollies. I have ordered several items and was never disappointed, always left full, and happy. Btw, they are always closed during the month of August because they have another center in New York and they put on the Harmony concert and the Harmony runs each year. But they are Open on Christmas day and most holidays til 9pm. Never had breakfast.

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I tried to eat here but found that the restaurant was closed at 6 PM on a Saturday night. I found a note saying that it was closed for most of the month of August for "vacation." When I got home, I checked Ananda Fuara's website and saw that it had been noted there as well. I think it's pretty poor business practice to close your restaurant for almost a month but at least they warned their customers. I guess the lesson is that it's a good idea to check the website before eating here.

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Ananda Fuara is a truly funky, "only in SF" restaurant. The weird culty thing is kind of creepy, but also amusing. I love the video of the guy lifting all those weights. Wish I were that strong just because I eat my vegetables!

The food has a "down home" feel that is refreshing after the upscale veg places and is perfect for a simple lunch. I think the best option is the baked potato topped with steamed veg and a bowl of dal on the side (I pour it over the top). My husband loves the lentil loaf with mashed potatoes. I do, too, but it isn't vegan. The desserts are ho-hum so I usually pass.

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The setting is meant to be peaceful but it looks more like a strange hospital cafeteria. The food is edible, but very processed and tastes like it all came out of a freezer bag. I would only eat there again if I needed a veg-friendly restaurant in the area and I was in a big hurry. Want good veg food in San Fran? Eat at Herbivore, baby.

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I recently dined at Ananda Fuara with my father before a music performance. We were seated promptly, were treated very well by our waitress and other staff. It was warm, cozy, and fun. The beautiful interior of this small restaurant is perfect for families or a nice spot to dine with friends. The restaurant is very clean (the bathrooms are light, bright, clean, and well stocked).

So then....why the rating of 4 out of 10? Well, the food was delicious, delivered to the table promptly, and they have a wide variety of items on the menu. The only problem is that I got a horrific, quick allergic reaction fifteen minutes after leaving the restaurant. This now makes me wonder whether the restaurant's kitchen is up to par, of if they serve GMO produce. The type of dish couldn't be the reason for my reaction as I only had a falafel sandwich- and I have had hundreds of these in my short lifetime.

I hope your dining experience is better than mine was.

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I had better luck here as a vegan than other people apparently have had.

I loved the BBQ tofu burger. It's very messy, and you'll have to ask for another napkin, but it's worth all the stickiness. My only complaint is that the bun was a store-bought variety that I was familiar with, and I knew that it contained honey. This was back in 2001, and maybe they have changed by now. However, at the time I was more flexible in the bee arena. If I were to go back, I would request that it be served on different bread.

They usually have vegan desserts available, which vary in quality. I remember buying a huge cookie there and happily eating it as I walked down the street to a concert venue.

The atmosphere is incredibly peaceful and quiet.

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there were not a terrible lot of vegan options on their menu. i had one of their vegan burritos and found it to be passable but unexciting. there are definitely better places in SF to get a vegan burrito (see Papalote).

the bright lighting, religious pamphlet section, and church-like atmosphere were a bit unsettling too.

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Went here for breakfast. Most of the breakfast offerings involved lots of eggs. As a vegan, I got a tofu scramble. It was perhaps the worst tofu breakfast I've ever had.

Also, the restaurant seemed to be affiliated with a cult-type group (perhaps not a cult). There was a television playing videos about Sri Chinmoy. The paintings were all done by Sri Chinmoy. The tables had little info stands about how amazing Sri Chinmoy is. A little creepy for my tastes.

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The BBQ tofu sandwich is delicious, but I haven't found many other items on the menu that looked all that exciting to me. I need to go back and try some more things though.

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