Father Nature's Lavash Wraps

Los Angeles, California


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This place is awesome. I mean the concept of wraps is...I don't know, isn't there a different name we can call them? Anyway, the tahini here is a good thing however you wrap it. Go here, it is good.

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Very good eperience. Hot, fresh, and very fast (I had read that the service was slow, but I was actually surprised at how quick ly my order came up).

I had the vegetarian Eggplant wrap, my dining companions had the Grilled Cheese wrap and the Father Nature (an omnivore's wrap). Each of us enjoyed our meals. The lavash wrap is a nice change to always having tortilla or pita wraps. They have a little garnish bar with pickled cucumber, peppers, celery-carrot-cauliflower, etc.

We tried both the regular and 'spicy' tahini, which was really just 'spiced' tahini due to the addition of herbs for flavor -not heat. They were both tasty, and I did not find them to have too much lemon.

I will definately return.

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The food's not bad here, and at least there's some choice, but both the falafal and hummus are far too lemony.

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One of my favorite places to eat in Pasadena. Just north of Colorado on Delacey street in Old Town. Parking in Old Town is a little hairy, but most of the parking structures will give you 90 minutes free (just south of Colorado on Delacey.)
The food is incredible here. Although not a vegetarian/vegan restaurant, it is friendly to us. Many choices on the menu for veggies. I usually order the double hummus wrap which is one of my favorite things to eat in the world. The restaurant itself has a cute balcony area upstairs with seating.
The only drawback I feel, is the occasional smell of cooking meat. But if that bothers you too much, get your wrap to go!

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