Sree's - Squirrel Hill

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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Srees is fantastic. Great food in huge quantities for very little money - You cant go wrong. The hot sauce is really really good if you can handle it's intensity. I love it.

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This is one of my favorite take-out places. You get a LOT of food for $5.00 and it's always delicious. I'm surprised to hear about the other reviewers bad experience. My family has eaten here for years and never got sick once.

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This is by far my favorite restaurant in Pgh, and the best food I've found anywhere in the world - honestly. Sometimes, I'll eat there 2ce a day.

Not only is it the best tasting food, it's also the best price in town - $4 lunch or $5 dinner for enough food to fill you up, maybe with leftovers.

Monday and Friday are my favorite days - he has Chickpea Potato, Masala Tofu, and Tomato Dal. It's to die for.

Sorry to hear about Grace's bad experience. The earlier you get there, the better the food is, no doubt, but I've been eating Sree's for 4 years and I've never gotten sick. Maybe their stomachs just weren't ready for Hyderabadi food? I remember, when I first started eating there, I thought it was the spiciest thing I'd ever tasted. Now it tastes just perfect, so it might take a few meals to get your digestive track used to the spices.

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i commend them for making a decent vegan curry, but it's such a risk going there because it's quite dirty and the food sits on a warmer all day. i took some friends there and they became sick after-wards. this is the squirrel hill location i am talking about. the downtown location may be better.

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