Soul Mama

Melbourne, Australia


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All veg*ns should try Soul Mama at least three times. We loved it from day one, but I've heard every now and then you might chose a dish that doesn't excite. Most of them (only tried the vegan stuff) are quite nice. The staff always seem happy and helpful, which is more important than most restaurateurs seem to realise; the vibe is great! Bookings are probably a good idea, as it does tend to fill up in the peak times.

Try to be there for sunset, the view over the water during your tasty meal is excellent (great for dates!).

rating star

Soul Mama has so many great options to choose from that any omnivorous friend you bring will find something to enjoy. It took me probably ten minutes to get through a grueling hard decision on what to get because everything looks delicious. The vegan meals are pretty good, and if you are hungry, you can get up to a five combo. There is also a variety of vegan desserts. I think the menu changes daily, but I'd recommend the sweet potato pasta and yellow dal if you see it.

Our waiter was super vegan and super friendly. On a sunny day, it could be rather romantic, being right on the beach and all, but the inside is very nice, too. My only complaint might be that the prices are a bit high, but that is void due to the quality and variety of food you can purchase.

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