Enlightened Cuisine

Melbourne, Australia


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Like most asian restaurants, there's about 50,000 things on the menu, and almost all of them can be done vegan (which is great for us veg*ns who normally have to choose between the salad or the pasta napolitana). They really have an up-market asian restaurant feel. I highly recommend the sesame prawn toast! Just let know you're vegan (presuming you are, of course), and they'll steer you away from the non-vegan stuff. They can help you with undercover parking if you call ahead, and there's a tram stop a 1-minute walk away. All veg*ns should try it out, I highly recommend it!

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Enlightened cuisine is one of the few high-scale vegetarian restaurants in the country. The food is presented beautifully and the dining atmosphere is very sophisticated and elegant. Most if not all the meals can be vegan. It was a bit freaky not seeing "veg-," "faux-," "un-," and "soy" in front of all the different "meats" that I had to ask to make sure that , in fact, it was a vegetarian restaurant. Even more freaky is that they have (fake) shark fin soup. The manager was very friendly and helpful.

Due to not liking or ever really eating sea food, I went for the sweet & sour pork and roast duck. I hadn't eaten pig or duck (or their veg versions) in over 10 years, so it was a very eerie experience. The weirdness disabled me from fully enjoying the meal. My dining partner said the pork tasted real, but the duck was a little chewier than normal, but she really liked the spring rolls. There are some "real" vegetarian dinners, but overall I'd say this is a better place for the new or to-be vegetarian than long-time vegans.

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