Gelateria Naia

East Bay, California


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There's a pretty good variety of vegan options here, and the prices aren't ridiculous, which is a plus (I've gotten used to paying $5+ for small cups of frozen yogurt and gelato and whatever else).

I tried their chocolate sorbetto and the hazelnut gelato. Both are vegan, though I found the chocolate to be bland and not creamy or chocolate-y enough. The hazelnut was slightly better (thicker, smoother), but also not great.

The combination of chocolate and hazelnut is divine, but in this particular incarnation it didn't come together for me. For $3.50 for a cup with both flavors, though, it's not a bad value at all.

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Gelateria Naia usually features 4 flavors of soy gelato, as well as 10-12 flavors of dairy-free, fruit-based sorbetto. The flavors are color-coded based on whether they contain a dairy, soy or water base. My favorite soy flavors (so far) are the peanut butter chocolate chip and the cookies and cream. The fruit flavors include the standard strawberry, raspberry and lemon, as well as some more exotic options like cantaloupe, honey dew, watermelon and banana.

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Super awesome delicious vegan gelato!

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