Damiano's Mr. Pizza

Los Angeles, California


rating star

This is the only "1" I've ever given in a review. This is one of the dirtiest places I've ever eaten at. The lights are super dim, even in the daytime for a good reason. I've seen (and ignored) little crawlers here because the food is good. Unfortunately it is disgustingly filthy and infested. The point is, if you're drunk and it's late at night and you don't care about nasties, this place could just be for you!

rating star

I love Damion's Mr. Pizza. Hands down, they have the best 100% vegan pizza I have ever had.

I read the previous review before going to Damiano's, so I kind of had that to bracket my experience. Granted the service can be a little hit or miss. They get extremely busy, especially after-hours on the weekends so service can be quite slow. And to top it off they usually only have one or two servers for the whole restaurant. But with that said, the service is extremely friendly (if you're not a jerk to them) and they will do their best to answer all your questions about what is and isn't vegan on the menu. Ask for Bradly when you go, he's great.

Damiano's deserves such a high rating because their vegan pizza really is superb. I can think of no other place where I can get a pizza with mouthwatering melted vegan cheese, vegan pepperoni, and a whole bevy of vegetable toppings that include unique items like artichoke and sun-dried tomatoes (delicious!).

The decor is somewhat of a let down. It's extremely dark to the point that reading the menu can be difficult, and Damiano's does look a little like it hasn't been touched by time since the 70's. But the food so far eclipses the decor that it doesn't even matter...and hey, it's dive...it's supposed to be a little gritty.

The biggest drawback of Damiano's is that it is rather pricey for pizza. For one medium pizza with vegan cheese, vegan pepperoni, and a few veggies it could set you back somewhere between $30 to $40 (not including drinks). But with that said, the food is well worth the price.

If you go to Damiano's with some patience, a full wallet, and an open mind, you'll be sure to leave happy.

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