Dot's Cafe

Portland, Oregon


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cheesy fries, edamame, hush puppies, great micro beer, good music, never had a meal that wasn't good. awesome happy hour!

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I end up here twice a week. Indecision clouds my brain - do I go with the Vegan Deluxe or the Vegan Burrito? Both equally matched in their 'spinachy' greatness. And under $7, both are well portioned. Under recommendation by another vegan I tried the garden burger (deeelicious), and after eating it, was informed it contained cheese.

Service can be snotty at times, but in it's defense I feel I since of honesty. It's the "you know what you what -great, you don't - screw you I got other people to attend to" 50's diner mentality.

It's a great place to hang out (nonsmoking side before 10pm) or converge with friends before/after a night out. Bottom line - dots fries with spicy tofu dip. It's always a winner. Check out the velvet paintings for free, if nothing else.

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