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The Most Expensive Bad Food We Ever Ate!

My fiancée and I went to the Teapot Restaurant in the Redmond/Bellevue area on December 15, 2007. This is the restaurant where we lost our engagement ring. The staff and the owner did not show any signs of sympathy and the owner shrugged off this traumatic incident by stating “this is not your home; you should not put your things anywhere you like.” We called the police and the officer came and reported the incident. But since there was no evidence of a crime having been committed, there is nothing the officer could do. Other than the restaurant’s reluctance to offer any kind of assistance to us, there are also other areas the restaurant should consider for improvement:

The restaurant’s atmosphere was nice. It’s very quiet and not a lot of customers, just the two of us and two other set of couples in the restaurant. It was so quiet that we could hear the wait staff talking amongst themselves in Chinese to each other, as clearly as if they were yelling.

The service could have been better. We came in, they acknowledged us, seated us; all this without any smile. They took our order. Another older lady delivered the food to us, but her facial expression seemed angry and annoyed. While we were eating, we noticed that the wait staff were staring at us and whispering. My fiancée and I thought this was very weird.

The food needs major improvement. All the dishes we ordered tasted either like a bowl of soy sauce or a bowl of salt. The Mongolian beef and broccoli has a fibrous texture not unlike carrots, and some tasted like rubber. The sauces tasted the same in all dishes… soy sauce! The color of the hot and sour soup was a dark black color and the taste… you guessed it: like soy sauce! The tofu and mushroom dish was a bowl of thick gelatinous gravy that tasted like a bowl of salt! Teapot is overpriced for this kind of food and service. For two people, our bill came out to be almost $50.00, which included a cup of hot and sour soup, the tofu and mushroom appetizer, the Mongolian beef entrée, and a bowl of shanghai noodles. I can drink soy sauce and eat salt at home for less than $1.00, but I don’t think I will.

Needless to say, this is the most expensive soy sauce and salt my fiancée and I ever ate. It cost us our engagement ring. We will never go back again!

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We had a wonderful graduation dinner at Teapot in Seattle. It was an exceptional meal with over 10 dishes and 2 different deserts. The vegan cheese cake was delicious and the vegan chocolate cake with multiple layers was probably the best cake I have had in my 7 years of veganism. Some people are not keen on this place, which i don't know why, but I love it.

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I had high hopes after checking out the menu, but none of the four things we ordered was particularly great. The fried rice with the mock chicken (which gets points for being mushroom-based instead of soy) was good, but there wasn't much chicken in there. The corn chowder was also tasty. But not much else worth mentioning.

I'd say, I would still go back and try more items, particularly if someone had recommendations. This place has potential.

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We will never go there again!

We ordered three items takeout: Eggplant Hotpot, Steamed Dumplings and Mah Poh Tofu. The eggplant was ok. The steamed dumplings were tough and tasteless. But we could let that slide. When we opened the Mah Poh Tofu, we were sure we got the wrong thing because it looked like Hot and Sour Soup.

We called the restaurant, and Mr. Y answered assured us that it was Mah Poh Tofu. It was nothing like Mah Poh Tofu, in appearance, ingredients, taste or anything! Anyone who's had it in a Chinese restaurant would agree. When we explained that to Mr. Y, he said it is the way it is because it is a vegitarian version. This didn't make a lick of sense to us since Mah Poh Tofu is vegetarian to begin with. We told him that naming the dish Mah Poh Tofu and describing it as "A traditional SzeChuan spicy dish" on their menu was misleading and wrong. It wasn't even spicy at all! He refused to concede this and even claimed that vegans don't like garlic.

He never once said even the slightest "sorry", but did tell us that he didn't have time to talk to us.

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Great serene atmosphere, wonderful staff and service, good presentation, bland food.

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The atmosphere in the Teapot was serene. Neon teapots etched on the ceiling bathed everything warm light. A fountain in the center of the room spilled water passed bottles of organic soda. The wait staff was pleasant, and my dish was delightful. Their menu was gargantuan, which always pleases me (I'm used to selecting from one or two vegan dishes). I'd recommend this place as a hip and very vegan place to dine.

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I have to say that I am not bowled over by the food here. The faux meats are quite bland in my opinion, and the dishes tend to be quite pricey. The restaurant has a very peaceful atmosphere though.

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