Health In A Hurry

Bridgeport Area, Connecticut


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This is a tiny take-out or pick-up shop offering simple vegetarian and vegan dishes (soups, salads, healthy desserts). The service is really friendly and I like that you can sample many of their offerings (especially the soups), but none of the food really stood out to me. I didn't like the flavors of any of the soups offered for the day and the main dishes, which sit in plastic cases in a cooler, didn't look appealing.

I ended up getting a pretty tasty chocolate rice krispie thing as a snack.

While I like the concept of Health in a Hurry, I think this place would work better if it were a small cafe and served hot prepared foods.

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Health in a Hurry is one healthy shop that does not have location in it's favor. It is not on the main strip, not even on a side street. It is behind a travel agency and tucked around in a corner. When you finally get to it, you feel like you found a treasure. But do not get me wrong as a foreigner, it was hard for me to find, but the entire time I was there, Health in a Hurry had a nice flow of customers. The place is a little tight, but the customer is awesome. They have a wide variety of entries and about 90% vegan menu. They also have a few desserts, which is my speciality.

Apple- Ginger muffin
It should have been Ginger-Apple Muffin. The ginger was so strong and powerful. Gross. It made the muffin so spicy and there was very little apple to balance it out. I do not know how you all like your muffins, but I like mine pretty sweet and moist. It was very hard on the outside, and sometimes that means that the muffin is moist on the inside. NOT. It was so crumbly and yuck. I really do not have much to say about this muffin, because it was nothing to talk about.

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