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Ah, Trader Joe's. Since moving to Minneapolis, a city with so many co-ops, I don't need Trader Joe's the way I used to, when I lived in the suburbs of Chicago.

But I can still always rely on Trader Joe's to offer low prices on soy and rice milks, as well as make unusual and tasty pre-packaged goods like their artichoke dips.

I also really love their store-brand mango-vanilla soy ice cream, which is dirt cheap and arguably better than brands you find elsewhere.

Most of all, I just like the vibe in Trader Joe's. It's casual, fun and sort of post-hippie, but still earthy enough to keep you interested.

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I'm not a big fan of this place. With the GARGANTUAN selection of Organic Foods Co-ops as well as Independent natural foods stores in the Twin Cities, I see very few reasons to ever shop at Trader Joe's. Their organic options are pitiful, they're extremely wasteful in the way they package foods, the prices aren't that great, and I've even seen organic foods mixed in with conventional foods at their stores...that's not cool.

Avoid this place like the plague.

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i totally agree with cecil. i'm from california. i used to shop there. i stopped by this one on my way home from edina and was so disappointed. i had a basket with bread and cereal i planned on buying but i had a weird craving for processed fake meat in a sandwich. the selection at trader joe's doesn't exist. this store is for yuppies. not really worth the trouble to shop here unless you are nearby enough to walk and so long as you aren't vegan.

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Trader Joes isn't a place to do all of your shopping, but they do have really great deals on select basic items, as well as frozen items. They have vegan meatballs, gardenburger riblets, frozen burritos, and frozen enchiladas for about half of what they cost at a large chain or co-op. We have certain things we stock up on, and it's worth it, but this is more like a supplemental shopping location.

I recommend trying the horseradish hummus - it's great.

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Yeah, there's not a lot unique things here for vegetarians to pick from here; beyond the unbelievable selection of whole wheat bread products (sandwich breads, pitas, English muffins, naan, Veggie hot dog buns, etc., etc., etc.); a wide variety of ready-to-eat foods (packaged lettuce, cut veggies, veggie sandwiches, dolmas, olives, fresh salsas, Veggie dips and sandwich spreads, innumerable types of hummus, etc., etc., etc.); amazing and inexpensive frozen fruit and vegetable choices; Veggie burgers; frozen Veggie dinners; Veggie pizzas; an incredible array of dirt-cheap dried fruits and nuts; Veggie snacks and dips; whole-grain pasta products, rice, canned goods; soy and rice milks; health and beauty products; supplements; non-irradiated spices; a good supply of fresh produce; their own liquor store next door (with beer and wine); and much, much more...and most prdoucts have with substantially LOWER PRICES than your friendly Co-op or health-food store! (Most of Trader Joe's products carry their own label.) Parking is indeed tight, especially during prime time, but there is street parking and a well-lit parking ramp one measly block away. If you're a really pissed-off person, you probably won't like this place (esp. seeing all those other customers who are overjoyed at the selection and prices). So, for the rest of us, it's like Seventh Heaven!

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Vegan = Very little and nothing new. Organic fruit and veg = Less than Cub Foods, Whole Foods or Seward Coop. Unusual stuff = Flavored potato chips, and a few non-vegan things. I got bored and left without buying anything. Reminded me of the food section at Target.

Not worth the parking hassle. The parking lot was full, no available on street parking places within a half mile. I used the free multi-story parking, but was afraid of cars going the other way.

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This company have recently adopted a cage-free policy for its own-brand eggs, so, if you do buy eggs here, make sure you get their own-brand ones.

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