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Twin Cities, Minnesota

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Trader Joe's carries a unique line of products including its own brand of veggie burgers and nuggets. Vegan items here are reasonably priced, and you can pick many of the basics here. The store has its own code of ethics that you can see on their website, which reveals an interest in animal welfare that's unique to other grocery stores.

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Ah, Trader Joe's. Since moving to Minneapolis, a city with so many co-ops, I don't need Trader Joe's the way I used to, when I lived in the suburbs of Chicago.

But I can still always rely on Trader Joe's to offer low prices on soy and rice milks, as well as make unusual and tasty pre-packaged goods like their artichoke dips.

I also really love their store-brand mango-vanilla soy ice cream, which is dirt cheap and arguably better than brands you find elsewhere.

Most of all, I just like the vibe in Trader Joe's. It's casual, fun and sort of post-hippie, but still earthy enough to keep you interested.

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I'm not a big fan of this place. With the GARGANTUAN selection of Organic Foods Co-ops as well as Independent natural foods stores in the Twin Cities, I see very few reasons to ever shop at Trader Joe's. Their organic options are pitiful, they're extremely wasteful in the way they package foods, the prices aren't that great, and I've even seen organic foods mixed in with conventional foods at their stores...that's not cool.

Avoid this place like the plague.

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Located at the NW corner of Excelsior Blvd and 38th Ave/Monterey Dr (just West of France Ave) in St Louis Park at the Excelsior and Grand Plaza.


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9am - 9pm

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