Marco Polo Global Restaurant

Salem, Oregon


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I have been going to Marco Polo for about 8 to 9 years. The business has grown a ton since then due to word of mouth. It is also a famous "go to" place for vegetarians in Salem. It has always been my favorite restaurant by far. Jackie the owner is vegetarian herself so she always makes sure things are done right in the kitchen. She makes sure meat does not ever come into contact with vegan/vegetarian food. My favorite meals on the menu are the Kung pao eggplant and tofu, the General tso's veggie "chicken" and the mixed vegetables in black bean sauce. The owner's are incredible very sweet and considerate. My husband and I love it there so much that we are returning customers and Jackie knows us well. There are plenty of Vegan options on the menu and if I remember right they are clearly marked.

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Last week I visited Marco Polo for the first time. Parking was easy. Ambiance was nice. My waiter was accomodating but not very helpful. I requested the owner come to the table to help me make my selection. She was unbelievable. I was unhappy with my entree (atlantic tofu) because it was completely flavorless. She immediately took it back and had the chef prepare me soemthing else. The food was good but not great and I think this is because of what I ordered. I really think that there are some hidden gems on the menu. The service sincerely made the whole experience excellent. At the end she brought me a vegan cookie. I will definitely go back.

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