Pizza Pi

Seattle, Washington


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I had takeout pizza from here. We tried a sausage-style and Hawaiian pizzas. Both were good, but I liked the sausage one more. I make pizza pretty similar to this at home, but I like the convenience and will probably eat here again.

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Best. Pizza. Ever. There are the standard sort of pizzas, and more creative ones (such as the cheeseburger pizza, which is much better than it might sound!) and all of them that I have tried are delicious. Too bad I don't live in Seattle.

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Pizza Pi is owned by the same couple that owns Wayward Cafe, another Seattle vegan joint.

Pizza Pi lacks ambience, but the food here is very good. I had an "ex-meat lovers" 9-inch pizza with home-made cashew ricotta ($10) which was savory and had an excellent crust and sauce. I'd also never had vegan Canadian bacon before, which was a treat.

My friend's olive-lovers pizza was pretty good, though a bit too salty for me.

I especially like that Pizza Pi lets you choose between Teese, Vegan Rella or their home-made cashew cheese, as many people I know don't like soy/rice cheeses.

In terms of overall taste, I'm not sure I'd put Pizza Pi in the same quality category as Pizza Luce or Galactic Pizza (both in Minneapolis), but Pizza Pi is wholly vegan, whereas the others are not.

Next time I'm around I'll try a calzone and their garlic bread!

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We visited this wonderful pizzeria the day before Thanksgiving and it was a gift that kept giving. We ordered a large pizza, half white and half red sauce, and were glad we did as both halves were delicious. Full and happy we couldn't resist dessert and it too was great. We finally left with two sandwiches in hand which we ate Thanksgiving night three thousand miles away in Pennsylvania. The sandwiches, field roast and "chicken" salad, were still fresh and delicious and by themselves worth a return visit to Pizza Pi. Add to that a very pleasant and helpful owner/chef; we can't wait to go back.

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I really, really want to like this restaurant. I mean, it's a vegan pizza place. Of course I want to love it!

Sadly, I was a bit disappointed by the pizza. I think they use VeganRella cheese, and I think that Follow Your Heart cheese has a better flavor. But I do like VeganRella, so that's not what was disappointing. There needed to be more sauce on the pizza, I think. That would have improved it.

But the garlic breadsticks with garlic white sauce were really, really good. And they have a bulliten board where you can post pictures of your companion animals!

And the people there were nice.

But the pizza just wasn't all that good. As much as I want to love this place and give it a "10" rating, I don't think it'd be fair to all the other amazing vegan restaurants in Seattle.

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