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There’s no better way to spend a Sunday morning than to take a drive up to Vegan Treats in Bethlehem, PA. My family and I went there last weekend and arrived just after they opened the door. From the outside, it looks like a small store; but there was a huge selection of cakes, whoopie pies, and sticky buns to choose from that morning.

That evening, Jim and I split the chocolate cake that’s decorated like a big Hostess cupcake. It’s a satisfying chocolate, not overbearing and not too sweet; just sweet enough to be tasty and very moist. I wasn’t much of a chocolate cake fan until I started eating vegan chocolate cake; to me, they have been distinctly more moist and delicious than traditional chocolate cake. Most of those old fashioned cakes are just too dry for my taste—and dry chocolate cake is awful. This cake is heavenly; plus, it’s got a rich chocolate ganache topping and a nondairy cream filling that tastes just as good as cream from a cow. Not only is this cake dairy free, but it’s cholesterol free as well—who could ask for anything better than that? It tastes so much fresher and more satisfying than a store bought packaged cupcake, too.

This afternoon, I tried the carrot cake. It’s decorated like a traditional carrot cake, with the white “cream cheese” frosting and piped carrots on the top. This is a mini layer cake, just like the previous one, so there are two layers of cake and a top layer of frosting with another sandwiching the cake layers. The cake itself tastes like a traditional carrot cake, sans the icky pineapple, and isn’t as dense. The icing is an important part of this type of cake; since the cake itself is usually not very sweet, the icing is used to balance the carrot and give more sweetness. I’m not sure if they use regular sugar, agave, or another alternative; but because it gave my mouth a burst of sweetness when I ate it with the cake, I really enjoyed it.

The other cake I sampled today is the Death by Chocolate cake. Again, it’s a small cake—probably meant to be eaten by one or two people at most. It’s a chocolate cake, with a layer of chocolate ganache in the middle, chocolate mousse on top, covered with more ganache, and decorated with mini chocolate pieces stuck to the ganache. It looks like the kind of cake Pinhead from Hellraiser would eat. What a treat! The different types of chocolate combinations in this cake are what make it so special. They all worked together to give my mouth the best chocolate party ever. I think this one is my favorite. If you love chocolate or know someone who does and would like a special treat, you have to try this cake. You won’t be disappointed.

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Absolutely delicious! Very impressed with their desserts! My fiance could not believe his mini coconut cake was vegan! Just wish I lived closer!!

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Although I am pretty sick of Vegan Treats, as nearly every veg restaurant has been offering the same 5 Vegan Treats cakes for the last 5 years, but I was still really excited to visit the actual Vegan Treats store.

I was SOOOOO happy to see a million more things than what is available in NYC. There were some beautiful mini cheesecakes, but I happen to not like cheesecake so I passed. The doughnuts are my favorite, and I love the Death By Chocolate cake, although it's super rich and requires a glass of soy milk.

On this particular day, I went with a sticky bun w/ carmelized nuts on top. Amazing. They actually offer 3 kinds of sticky buns, which is really impressive.

The shop is cute and they sell some really adorable t-shirts to go with their treats.

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The best vegan desserts I've ever had, period.

A friend of mine who lives in Bethlehem brought me a peanut butter bombe from Vegan Treats, and it was amazing. The mousse was lighter than other mousses I've had, and had a wonderful fluffy texture, with a very rich taste.

Since then, I've tried a number of other items they make, including brownies, cheesecake (best vegan cheesecake ever), cakes, and tiramisu. Every single thing they make is amazing. This is the best vegan bakery of all time.

I wish they'd publish a cookbook.

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I have never had anything better than their coconut cake. Okay, maybe the cookies and cream cake. The cakes here are so delicious I can't even bring myself to try anything else. Also, they are beautiful to look at. I can't wait until their online service becomes available.

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the most wonderful place on earth! I used to live a few streets from this place and was in heaven. (had to move to the Midwest and am a very desperate vegan now.) Worth going several hours out of your way for. BTW, they freeze wonderfully!! So bring a cooler, preorder them to be frozen, and enjoy for the next few months!

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Best vegan bakery I've ever visited! Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake is honestly to die for, and the Chocolate Peanut Butter is great as well. Their cookies are wonderful as well. The prices are very reasonable (compared to what you'd pay for vegan desserts in NYC), and I'd honestly would eat their every day if I could. The glazed donut I tried was the only item I felt was just okay (too cake-like of a texture).

I've given my non-vegan friends cake from Vegan Treats, and they had no clue it was vegan! (they actually liked it better than the cake they usually eat). Highly recommended, and bring your non-vegan friends as well.

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Excellent!!!Everything we tried was great.I can see we're going to become regulars here.

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