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For Green Bay, it's nice there's the little cafe that tried, but unfortunately, this cafe fell fall short of any expectations I held. I had the falafel wrap which gave me a stomach ache and left a really bad after taste. I did not eat very much of it. Also I tried their sweet potato fries, pretty soggy and non appetizing. I heard they sold vegan baked goods, well, they were out of stock on them. I wouldn't go back unless they offered a better menu. I think the lack of competition in Green Bay gives this vegetarian cafe no motivation to improve.

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I had the Falafel Bake wrap it was alright but I've had better. Trendy little coffee shop in the downtown historic part of the city. I had a really nasty smoothie that I only drank one sip of though, tasted like a powder mix even though it said "real fruit smoothie" don't believe them... I guess at one time it may have been real fruit but not by the time it reached my glass:)
They had bakery too, the peanut butter rice crispy treat (This was unusual and actually really good) said vegan on it and the bakery and menu items that were vegan were marked accordingly.
Nothing special but there are vegan and veggie options of plenty on the menu which is nice to see in cheesehead town!

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